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Tabloid News of Saturday, 15 October 2022

Source: Frank Owusu Kojo Asiamah

Some men cheat because of bad attitude from their wives

Debbielyn Jackson Debbielyn Jackson

Ghanaian female broadcast journalist, Debbielyn Jackson has stated that some bad behaviours and characters of most women/ladies are the reasons why men/guys cheat in relationships. Debbielyn Jackson a.k.aOhemaa prove them wrong' who has recently taken it upon herself of advising her fellow women/ladies about relationship issues made this statement on one of her social media platforms (Facebook) whilst she was advising them. According to Ohemaa prove them wrong she said, most married men and guys are cheating in their relationships due to some higgledy-piggledy attitudes and the characters of some women and young ladies. She said a lot of women/ladies are soo rude to the extent that, they even insult their own husbands/guys which is very bad. Ohemaa said the rate at which some women/ladies treat their partners in relationships is so appalling and unbearable. She said some women/ladies control their partners anyhow with no respect and men/guys don’t like that at all. Ohemaa said, men are not supposed to be treated harshly but rather pamper them. Ladies like pampering likewise men/guys too. She said men don’t like it when they are being treated harshly or anyhow, it really hurts them a lot so women/ladies should try and treat their partners nicely and lovely and stop this their uncultured characters. Later Ohemaa said, if you see your man cheating on you, don’t fight or insult him but rather talk to him in a polite manner. She said, insulting and fighting your man because he is cheating on you will never solve it but rather gives him the vim to continue because of the insult and the fight. Ohemaa said, some women/ladies even go to the extent of picking the number of the new women/lady that their partners are going out with, fighting, insulting, and threatening them. She said, if you do that, you are uncivilized and uncultured. Fighting, insulting and threatening the new woman/lady will even worsen your case so ladies should stop that. Deal with your man/guy in a mature way when you see him cheating on you, it’s painful though but that’s the best way to go about it. She said men/guys should also respect themselves and stop cheating in relationships because it doesn’t add any value or benefits. If you are a man/guy and you can’t stick to one woman/lady, meaning you don’t respect yourself and don’t even know what you really want in this life, she added. Finally, she urged all cherished viewers of Hitz Factory and her fans to keep on supporting Debbielyn Jackson’s brand and the show.