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Opinions of Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Columnist: Bolus, Mercy Adede

Should Kotoka International Airport be policed 24/7

In the wake of Ms Nayele Ametefeh’s case should the Ghana Police service or Army Operational Unit be requested to police the Kotoka International Airport? If we were to have an Aviation Security team then they could take control of particularly, the VVIP and VIP section. Passengers possessing economy tickets go through a very thorough search by the Custom officers. Some of our Custom officers are doing a brilliant job and must be praised.

The drug barons are currently targeting Ghana making us a vulnerable nation hence we must toughen our national security at all our Airports. If Ms Ametefeh has been allegedly doing such manoeuvres since 2009 goodness knows how many of such people have used this method just because of their status in society as security around such people have been relaxed. No one can be trusted when it comes to such issues any more as our security is at stake. We should not even allow the VVIP section security to be relaxed so that unscrupulous people take advantage of such freedom afforded to them in the wake of this saga. Well, it is up to the President to decide.

I am not an expert in this area, however, I strongly advise that everyone should go through a thorough final check by Customs at the Airports. No one is above the law in Ghana so this should apply to everyone. It would be wise to have Aviation Security offices at all our Airports and I am sure we already have this.

The drug barons all over the world are not giving up on using vulnerable Airports in their attempt to get their products to Europe. Therefore, Ghana must also not give up in ensuring that we have security cameras everywhere at our Airports from when passengers step in the airports parameters.

The role of the Aviation Security or the Police is known to keep the Airports safe to the travelling public, staff and visitors. The presence of the Police at our Airports would go a long way to help keep sanity and the peace. It could be true that Nayele used her beauty, charms and knowing how gullible some men in Ghana are to worm her way through the security at the Airport with ease. Particularly, when being approached by such a beautiful woman the men feel privileged to be seen with such a lady and then they totally ignore their role.

Let’s all work together in preventing further damaging saga to repeat itself at our airports. We need to step up the security at our Airports. Perhaps pooling together with international stakeholders could help boost our expertise in this area. Thereby our Custom officers could receive similar training just like developed countries. We all need to cooperate with the Aviation security in weeding out those cunning men and women among us who want to become rich overnight through the drug barons.