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Entertainment of Tuesday, 15 October 2019


Shatta Wale explains 'Shatta Movement'

Dancehall star Shatta Wale has defended his devoted following, tagged the Shatta Movement, as being a means to empower the youth.

He insisted that the Shatta Movement was not made up of hooligans.

Shatta Wale added that workshops and petty training are organised to equip members with life lessons.

“The whole Shatta Movement is something to empower the youth because I believe that even though I am a musician, I have a whole lot of duties to do in terms of encouraging boys on the street. Some people have a low spirit and I feel music empower them more so I just gather fanbase and try to build up that team so that at least to show them more direction in life when it comes to certain things in terms of creating forums, creating workshops so they understand that it’s not only through music that one can make it so maybe come to one of the workshops to learn about camera, lighting, stage, things about life” he explained.

“Most of them are university students, some completed school and cannot go to the university, trade anything you can motivate yourself with,” he added.

Speaking to Paul Adom-Otchere on the Good Evening Ghana, he also said that the rowdiness of the movement was a form of fearlessness.

He said: “That’s the brand we’ve created for people so that you can always move yourself, you can always be fearful in your own way rather than making the thing look like you’re getting low spirited inwardly. You know in Ghana we are born with timidity and fear so sometimes when you want to move you feel like eii can I do it? But I show this attitude because I want people to believe that you can do it yourself. You can move things yourself not necessarily by disrespecting people, by using respect to move things in a positive way so basically when people see me to be rowdy and stuff I tell them this rowdiness comes with money.”

He disclosed that he only goes after people who step on his toes adding that he is the only one who can solve some problems and that’s why he is seen as a loudmouth.

“I feel like voicing out will solve the problem and it has solved many problems of mine though”