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General News of Wednesday, 26 May 2021


Shame on ‘hypocritical’ Martin Amidu – Adom-Otchere goes wild

Paul Adom-Otchere, host of Good Evening Ghana Paul Adom-Otchere, host of Good Evening Ghana

• Paul Adom-Otchere says Martin Amidu should be ashamed of himself over his latest article

• He indicated that the former SP failed to state the advisory of the AG

• Adom-Otchere indicated that Amidu is should retire in peace and watch football

Paul Adom-Otchere has said Martin Amidu should be ashamed of himself for stating in his latest epistle that “the 1992 Constitution followed the hallowed tradition of Anglo-Ghanaian jurisprudence by enshrining the prosecutorial powers of the Republic of Ghana in an Attorney General who is professionally responsible for prosecutorial decisions made on a nonpartisan basis and not the President”.

According to him, the former Special Prosecutor should have indicated in his epistle the advisory role of the Attorney General which is enshrined in Article 88 of the 1992 Constitution.

“Shame on Martin Amidu, shame on you for reproducing all of that without indicating the advisory role of the Attorney General. Article 88 (1) starts by saying that the Attorney General shall be the principal legal adviser to the government,” Adom-Otchere said in Tuesday’s edition of his show monitored by GhanaWeb.

He indicated that it is factually incorrect for the former Attorney General to claim that he served in his capacity as the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General for fourteen years.

“No please Martin Amidu, you didn’t serve as the Deputy Attorney General and Attorney General for fourteen years. You served as Attorney General for eleven months and you were fired because they said you tried to beat up Professor Mills.

“As Attorney General, you were fighting boxing [in] your cabinet; that’s your record. You were fighting boxing at cabinet with your President; the man you were supposed to be giving legal advice to, you wanted to beat him up. That’s your record, that’s what we have been told,” Adom-Otchere added.

He continued: “You were Deputy Attorney General for so long, unfortunately, Rawlings did not tell us why he kept you there as deputy for so long […] somehow, Rawlings didn’t have the confidence to make you the Attorney General because he knew your record in Upper East as deputy, that’s why maybe he didn’t make you that.

Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor, he had powers to prosecute double salary, if for some reason he was so afraid by what he heard that the President is usurping the powers of the Attorney General, nothing stopped him from prosecuting. He prosecuted Mahama Ayariga for some personal issues now he has been acquitted […] this man [referring to Martin Amidu] is personal, ambitious but he is also sometimes hypocritical.

“Stop being envious of people, stop thinking that you are still important; you are no longer important. We’re fixing our country, working, looking for water, electricity…you did your worst, nothing happened. The President is not going to mind you, you said your worst about him but he still won the elections, nobody is going to mind you. Martin Amidu, retire in peace, watch Manchester United and enjoy yourself.”