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Regional News of Friday, 8 May 2015

Source: Classic fm Techiman

Sex worker confesses tough times, increases rate due to inflation

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Some commercial sex workers have confirmed to Classic news that the economic crunch that has befallen the country is seriously having an effect on their sex trade in the Techiman Municipality.

Some of them told Classic news' reporter Abubakari Hussein who went some brothels in the Municipality that since the current President, His Excellency John Mhamah swore the oath of allegiance the business to her has gone down drastically.

According to some of the prostitutes they used to charge GHc5 for the short time, thus one round of sexually escapade including the brothel charges, the now charge GHc 7 per round since prices of every commodity have soared considerably including condoms. Classic news source revealed that, special services or special style are determined by its price.

Classic news source say observed that one girl who spoke on condition of anonymity said the business was booming but business has not been good this time adding that she is even planning to put a stop to the business to go into another sector to make her ends meet.

She told the Classic News how her regular pastor customer who is the leader and founder of a known church in the Techiman Municipality who usually enjoys her stuff had a quarrel with her a forth night ago because the man of God declined to pay the new GHc7 after the act.

She continued that the economic crunch is now driving away her customers therefore the need for her to find solace at other money making avenues. According to her, they charge high prices in big cities such as Kumasi, Accra, Takoradi as well as Sunyani.

Most the Sex workers between age of twenties called on the authorities to provide more jobs in the Ghana so that the beautiful young women like them who are into the commercial sex trade could find jobs to replace what she calls the hectic and romantic job on earth adding that Pastors, Politicians, Imams as well as Business peoples patronage their services.

She continued that since her 7 years experience in the commercial sex trade in Accra, Kumasi, and Techiman no disease has occurred to her adding that the time has come for people to respect them calling on the government to give them the license to operate freely because they render services to the good people of Ghana.

BY Antwi Boasiako John and Abubakari Husein