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Religion of Sunday, 10 May 2015

Source: Public Agenda

Senseless, mindless and sickening corruption in Ghana, says cleric

The General Overseer of Christian Faith Church International (CFCI) in Takoradi, Bishop Dr Emmanuel Botwey, has described acts of corruption prevailing in the country as “senseless, mindless and sickening.”

Bishop Dr Botwey observed that the situation has resulted in a state of hopelessness, and this must jolt Ghanaians into action to get practice uprooted.

He made the statement at the opening of the 23rd Session of the General Council of the Church in Takoradi on the theme, 'Moving Forward with the Greater Works Agenda'.

Dr Botwey said corruption was real and Ghanaians should not pretend as if all was well. “There is hopelessness all over the place; we should not be like the proverbial ostrich that buries its head in the sand.”He called on Ghanaians to reject politicians whose loyalty was directed to their parties instead of the nation.

“Let us vote for men who can fight and cause real change, other than that our country would never see the progress we all dream of,” he urged the citizenry.

He regretted that Christians who were in political positions seemed not to bring their influence to bear on nation's political atmosphere, adding that they have allowed partisan politics to negate their Christian beliefs.

“It is regrettable to note that, many churches and Christians had lost their focus of the main task of the Church, which is evangelisation and discipleship of the world,” he noted.

Dr Botwey again called on all Christians to pray fervently for Ghana and intercede for the Lord God to remove any dark clouds hanging on the nation.He said the country was witnessing the commercialisation of by some churches, with so-called Ministers of God destroying the image of the Church with their questionable conduct.

He called on key players to work assiduously to fix the energy challenge confronting the country since it was having a debilitating effect on the economy.

He observed that the situation has prevailed for over two continuous years, compelling industries to lay-off workers, and thousands of workers in the informal sector were equally bearing its adverse impact.