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General News of Monday, 27 March 2017


Seek face of God - Pastor to Akufo-Addo

Reverend King David Abazeri, Head pastor and General Overseer of Christ Oilfields Authority Church Reverend King David Abazeri, Head pastor and General Overseer of Christ Oilfields Authority Church

Head pastor and General Overseer of Christ Oilfields Authority Church, Reverend King David Abazeri, has urged the Akufo-Addo government to seek the face of God to curtail the series of disasters happening in the country.

He said: “I have realised that the world is running out of ideas in science, politics, economics, and even in philosophies, and ideas are getting dead, so the answers we are getting for our contemporary life are no more effective. So, we have to yield ourselves to a high power and the high power can only be God, so it’s time to seek the face of God and hear from him so that we can generate new ideas by the spirit of God by His inspiration to be able to move our nation and the world better. Because there is no way the world is going to become better with the intervention of God.”

His advice comes on the back of recent suicide cases and motor accidents across the country.

He told Class News’ Kwesi Parker-Wilson: “Politicians don’t create human beings, it’s God who creates human beings, it’s only God who can diagnose the need and the problems of human beings properly and give him the right solution and so when politicians fail to hear from God, then they fail to produce and to provide the answers the people need and so they must align themselves with God and lead the people well.”

He added that the frequent occurrences of suicides and road accidents cannot entirely be blamed on the NPP government but seeking the face of God can avert them.

The man of God noted: “We cannot attribute what is happening immediately to a political party – all we can say is that it’s a sad situation, but since the NPP is a party in power, it will be good for them to seek the face of God to find out the root cause of all these disasters so that we can bring the hand of God to bear in solving the problems. The people who are dying once voted for them and when they are dead there wouldn’t be anyone to vote for them next time around, so they have seek the face of God so that God can speak for us to solve these problems.”

He, however, urged politicians, stakeholders, and Ghanaians to let the voice of God they hear reflect in their lives. “The voice you hear is what controls your life and so if that voice is controlling your life it automatically reflects on the things you do. Therefore, the voices that the parliamentarians, the president, politicians hear are the voices that are controlling the land; that is what they use to rule the land. If they hear from God they will rule the land according to the will, the plan, and purpose of God.”