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General News of Sunday, 9 September 2007

Source: Lens

Scancem Bribe: Yet Another Twist

How NPPs E.K. Adu Deceived The Norwegians

What an interesting story the Scancem Bribery Saga has turned out to be.

While the Scancem bosses in Norway thought that the Rawlings led government was receiving kickbacks meant to soften the grounds for the smooth operations of the company in Ghana, Scancem Rep in Ghana, Tor and his intimate sidekick, NPP’s E.K Adu, were busy doing their own thing.

Scancem got to know too late that their Representative was all along busy pocketing lots of the monies meant to be used as bribe. At that same time, NPP’s E.K. Adu, who according to the Norway court findings was the main man through whom the monies were being given out, was also busy passing the monies on to his close associates in the NPP whilst most likely giving his bosses the impression that the chunk of the monies were being handed to the leaders of the ruling NDC.

Is it not amazing that E.K. Adu, a known NPP guru and currently Ghana’s Ambassador to Benin has all this while maintained a stony silence even though his name has come up prominently in the Norway court and in the Ghanaian media?

If E.K. Adu had truly handed out monies to gurus of the NDC government, how come he has not been able to boldly name and shame those individuals at this moment when this story is blazing real hot?

Why will an NPP guru be quiet when has authentic information that former President Rawlings and his spouse had through him collected millions of dollars in kickbacks?

If he had that information, would he not have long told his close buddy, president Kufuor and his witch hunting squad? And would they not have long jumped on the throat of the former president?

So there is no need to be a rocket scientist to explain the graveyard silence of E.K. Adu. The silence can only be explained by the fact that he gave the monies to politicians alright but those politicians were the gurus of his beloved NPP and not the NDC.

Why is E.K. Adu quiet?

It is crystal clear that the noose is beginning to tighten around his neck and the neck of President J.A. Kufuor, who from all indications, was the chief recipient of the Scancem bribes through E.K. Adu. No coincidence therefore that as soon he became president, he appointed E.K. Adu as an Ambassador to Denmark, with responsibility over Norway. Certainly President Kufuor knew what he was doing.

The Scancem authorities should have long suspected that the NDC government was not receiving any kickbacks from them. The fact that in spite of every effort made by them, the NDC government went ahead to allow Diamond Cement to build a factory in the country to break the stranglehold of Ghacem should have alerted them.

a top official of Scancem has recently revealed that President Kufuor, while in opposition benefitted massively from huge bribes from Scancem. The official explained that because of the difficulties the company was facing in convincing the Rawlings led NDC to ensure that they remain the sole manufacturers of cement in Ghana, they chose to give all the support necessary to leaders of the largest opposition party at the time.

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