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Opinions of Saturday, 27 April 2013

Columnist: Osei-Poku, Emmanuel

Sankofa: the restoration of the foundation of Ghana

Ghanaians are very hopeful, that is how we live. Ghanaians wake up in the morning knowing very well that we will switch on our radio and television sets to hear the same old sad story about how the government is failing us all. Upon all we know we will make it through, praying that the best government is on its way to take over to solve our problems for us, YES we are hopeful because IN GOD WE TRUST.

But at times I say some hopes are very unreasonable, when Ghanaians know very well that we are doing the wrong thing and we are still holding on to very saddening hopes when the right thing is staring at our faces. Tell me, when we know we have failed all these years because we voted in wrong political parties and we are still hopeful for a better governance from them, it does not make sense right? We all know only dumb people after failing several times due to the use of a specific approach still sticks to the same routine after it keeps failing them in all attempts or moves. Even patients change medications after knowing their ineffectiveness on their health. Ghanaians must wake up from their long sleep which started when Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown by military intervention, let us go back and fetch for the right ways that worked for us after independence led by the founder of the country. As one of my compatriots in the Convention Peoples Party will say, “1966 was the year Ghanaians lost their taste”.

National Democratic Congress or New Patriotic Party is clearly not the right path because of the number of times they have failed us in governance of our country, alongside all the heaping shortcomings in our way. This is not the road to the Promised Land, this is not what our forefathers taught us by leaving us with the popular Adinkra symbol (SANKOFA) meaning go back and fetch or take what you left behind, learning from the past. Furthermore, it is so clear we cannot get rid of the foundation of Ghana and succeed, which is Kwame Nkrumah period. After so many wrong schemes against his political party he left with us, the Convention Peoples Party is still standing and overcoming all the oppression and the Ghanaian public surely looks forward to a great revival. CPP has suffered in the hands of all governments after Kwame Nkrumah led government in the form of seizure of assets, less accessibility to the “state-owned” media and many more all in the attempt of making Kwame Nkrumah unpopular in the minds of Ghanaians. But all have proved futile in the attempt of painting the founder of the country black in all his achievements and efforts in the name of Ghana. GHANA WAKE UP!