SHS students engaging in criminal activities | General News 2018-06-02
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General News of Saturday, 2 June 2018


SHS students engaging in criminal activities

Some Senior High School (SHS) students in the Tema Metropolis are engaging in criminal and immoral activities against their school’s regulations.

Mr Clemence Yao Baba, Chemu Senior High School Head Master, who revealed this to the Ghana News Agency on the sidelines of the school’s graduation ceremony, said the trend was worrying.

Mr Baba said some students were influencing their peers negatively to engage in such criminal sexual activities.

Citing examples of such behaviors, he recalled an incident in which five students comprising of two boys and three girls were sanctioned in accordance with the school’s regulations after report got to administration that the boys made the girls to strip naked for their nude pictures to be taken.

He added that the boys promised the girls of getting them 20,000 US Dollars out of a supposed 30,000 to be received from their partners abroad upon sending the nude pictures to them.

According to the head master, the boys however threatened to post the pictures on social media upon the girls’ refusal to have sexual intercourse with them.

He also cautioned parents against giving their children mobile phones as some of them use them to dupe others as well as their relations.

He disclosed that they gave the phones to others to call the parents telling them that their children were on admission and needed money to be sent to them through mobile money to pay their medical bills.

Mr Baba advised students to desist from such acts and equip themselves to resist peer pressure as it could lead them to prison, contraction of sexual infections among others.

He advised the 612 graduates to eschew ‘get rich quick’ syndrome but rather further their education and acquire a profession for themselves.

He further urged them to live within their means instead of engaging in acts such as internet fraud, prostitution and ritual monies, and defrauding people to get money for lavish lifestyles.

The graduation ceremony was also used for the handing over of command of the school’s Navy cadet from the outgoing commander to a new one.

The cadet corps gave an impressive display of their marching skills and some drill exercises.