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Residents blame contractor for abandoned project
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General News of Saturday, 7 October 2006

Source: GNA

Residents blame contractor for abandoned project

Accra, Oct, 07, GNA - The Residents of Abease, a locality within Mallam on Saturday attributed the flooding of their houses to a contractor for abandoning a project in the area for over three months. According to the residents, Sosamen Construction Works, contractors of a drainage project, diverted a water-way during the construction of the drainage system in the area, which had since been abandoned, leading to the flooding of their houses, whenever it rained. Mr Michael Owusu, a resident, said they were suffering because of the shoddy construction works, which had aggravated the already existing their problems, instead of helping them.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), he said the contractor should have known better that, abandoning the project was not the best option, as he gave no explanation to the residents. Mr Owusu said, " I have removed the carpet and other items in my room because my room always gets flooded when ever it rains," and added that, he sometimes had to stand all night when it was rained. He said it became a worry for residents, whenever the clouds gathered and was about to rain especially, when they were out. Mr Owusu added that, several appeals had been made to the contractor and the appropriate authorities to come to their aid but all to no avail.

Mr George Koblah, another resident also added that, the area got flooded to the extent that, " the electric transformer serving the area stands the risk of blowing up, if care is not taken and that can cause a disturbing situation that will rock the area one of these days." Mr Koblah made an appealed to the authorities to come to their aid and urged his follow members of the community to help the contractor to complete the project.

Mr Clement Sowah, Managing Director of Sosamen Construction Works, in a reaction to the accusation, told the GNA that, " We have not abandoned the project. It is because of the bad weather that is why we have stopped for sometime." Mr Sowah said they stood the risk of losing a lot during the raining seasons and cited some quantities of materials that they had lost.

He said the contract was awarded in December 2005 and as at April 2006, more than half of the project was completed with certificate awarded them for due payment. Mr Sowah said despite the monetary constraints facing them by way of payments, they had been able to raise some funds and come October 15, they hope to continue with the project.

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