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General News of Thursday, 19 January 2023


Randy Abbey mounts spirited defence of Alpha Hour pastor after social media backlash over offering

Dr Randy Abbey, the host of Good Morning Ghana

Dr Randy Abbey, the host of Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV is puzzled by the furore generated on social media by a viral photo of an offertory received by the leaders of the famous Alpha Hour praying brigade during one of their events held in December 2022.

The photo which has been traversing various social media platforms has generated heated debate among some Christians and some persons who claim to be atheists.

The atheists are unhappy that the attendees of the said program willingly donated their monies to Pastor Elvis Agyemang and his team.

For them, the viral photo is another indication of the gullibility of persons who believe in the existence of God and decide to worship him.

The believers, on the other hand, shudder to understand why the ‘atheists’ will be ruffled by monies that they willingly gave to the pastor to support his ministry.

Some believers wonder why the same outrage did not greet some of the popular musical concerts which were held in December with expensive ticket pricing.

Having a bite of the issue on the Wednesday, January 18 edition of the show, Randy Abbey was mystified that the issue has actually become topical on social media.

Dr Randy Abbey, who is a member of the Action Chapel quizzed why people’s expression of their faith will offend others.

“What is wrong with this thing? Is it the offertory they collect? Don’t you go to church? Don’t you pay offertory? Don't you pay first fruit? Don’t you pay tithe? If the offertory room of any church is filmed, will it be different from this?” Dr. Abbey asked.

“In any case some other people spend their time and money at some shows and concerts and clubs so it is a matter of choice. When you enter the places the monies of every church is counted, it won’t be different from this.” he explained.


Meanwhile, Pastor Elvis Agyemang has explained what he normally uses the monies accrued from the offering and donation for.

In a viral video of a past sermon, Pastor Agyemang explained that he does not survive on the offertory because the funds are used for charity activities and other things.

“When you tell Christians to fast, oh pastor you are preaching, when you engage them in prayers, oh pastor you are doing well, when you urge them to give then you become a thief, there’s no money that comes before the altar that I take,” he said.

“I do not seek to amass wealth at the expense of the congregation; I rather seek to make sure you do well and progress in life,” he stressed.