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Opinions of Saturday, 15 December 2012

Columnist: Issifu, Issaka

President Kufuor Should Carry His Own Cross And Leave Ec Alone


You lost the NPP power, which Hon. Akuffo-Addo has since fought hard to
regain but failed. Inciting violence would not return NPP to power.


The former President H. E. John Agyekum
Kufuor’s declaration of possible violence is irresponsible, no matter the
electoral nitpicks or actual pain on Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP.
The deliberate call for violence and hatred against the Electoral Commission
(EC) while foreign dignitaries attempted to sway former President Kufuor to
lead his party into acceding defeat must be condemned by all peace loving
Ghanaians. Generally most Ghanaians do agree that, no matter his personal
feelings, those of Nana Akufo-Addo, and the NPP, it was careless for former
President Kufuor to even consider any violence arising from the EC’s
declaration of President John Dramani Mahama as the winner of the 2012
Presidential elections of December 7, 2012. Further, President Kufuor’s claim that
the EC was acting as though “above the law” was silly of the professional he is
and viscid for a retiring Head of State who was similarly himself twice
declared President by the very Electoral Commission and Commissioner.
One would wonder if those very words
were from former President, Flt. Lt. J. J. Rawlings, deliberately or by some
coincidence communicating the anger of a Presidential candidate of a losing
Party, while votes were being tallied for contested parliamentary candidates. What
would have been the headlines in Ghana? For sure that would have been the
“BOOOM” of all BOOOMS. Perhaps; “Rawlings calls for a coup” or “Will the
Rawlingses leave us alone?” Whatever the situation, which such imaginary remarks
could have called on ex-President Rawlings, is unnecessary. It is only appropriate
as the unstable political atmosphere is now, for Ghanaians to equally come out
clearly to condemn Mr. Kufuor’s call for violence. Ghanaians must speak out for
peace and against the possibilities of any form of political sabotages or violence
in the aftermath of the 2012 elections. An NNP declaration to make the country
“ungovernable” is a pity.
According to the revered US Civil Rights
activist, late Dr. Martin Luther King (Jnr.), “our lives begin to end the day
we become silent about things that matter.” Peace in Ghana matters to us as a
people, for which we prayed, campaigned and voted. All by God’s “Will” and “Grace,”
ended in PEACE, as all voters generally awaited results in their homes, with
their candidates and at their respective party headquarters. Then unexpectedly
those slack talks made many Ghanaians wonder:
· Why
will a former President, who himself had one of the highest frequencies of
electoral disappointments, conclude, imply and or proclaim the EC to have been
partial even before the election?
· Why
was it necessary for ex-President Kufuor to openly state that the Presidential
candidate of his party (NPP) Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was “angry” because he
felt “cheated,” and that “violence” is likely in Ghana as most Ghanaians awaited
Nana Akufo-Addo to concede?
· Why
will former President Kufuor conclusively claim the EC was evidently complacent
in the alleged “cheating” of the NPP Presidential candidate, at a time NPP
supporters were anxiously disappointed and in need of leadership?
These are realistic concerns emanating from
the former President, Mr. Kufuor’s remarks. Despite his political experiences, it
was inconsiderate to make those pronouncements, after knowing very well there were
reported incidents where agitated NPP groups of supporters had attacked
suspected NDC premises and the police was over stretched containing the
volatile political situation. What President Kufuor really needs to understand
is simple. It is necessary to give Ghanaians the very peace that we paid for during
the Kufuor Presidency, and which we are still paying to continue providing him and
his lovely family now in retirement. Violence justified or not, may mean
nothing to ex-President Kufuor but to most Ghanaians it is stressful and
deprived life and living; violence often means death, pain, hunger,
homelessness, exile, refugee camps and indeed national embarrassment and further
insecurity. To most Ghanaians, consequently, inciting violence in whatever way
was least expected from a retiring President well catered for on his own terms
like ex-President Kufuor enjoys.
By these critiques, no one begrudges the
Kufuor family of the possibilities of a President in retirement; which should
include the opportunities to acquire and enjoy any valued mansion in any
luxurious part of any country. As a former President of Ghana, Ghanaians really
want him and all our former leaders respected. However, we need peace to be
identified as a people, for whom such Ghanaian retiring leaders should be so respected.
Now let us break the silence because it
matters at this moment. When certain social-economic, legal and security
categories are massacred by greed, the lack of expertise or ignorance, many Ghanaians
do tolerate and understandably contain the perpetrators sometimes with even fun
and jokes. It is however, unpardonable for a professional to make certain career
mistakes. For instance it is unpardonable for the civil engineer to make structural
mistakes that lead to a collapsed bridge or house, mostly associated with many
deaths; the military officer who orders the shooting and killing of innocent
peaceful demonstrating citizens; the police station that fails to secure a
suspect in its custody, whom we evidently realized was brutalized to death by
officers; an envoy known to be arrogant and a serial abuser, which includes
sexual assaults of innocent female staff or otherwise similar profession flaws.
So it is dreadful for a President to declare a senseless war that kills
innocent women and children; and many other similar situations. Professional
inadequacies may be reasonable, explicable but certainly such excuses are
inexplicable in the law courts.
This brings me on point. As a lawyer,
former Deputy Foreign Minister and former President, how can one doubt
President Kufuor’s definition, understanding and judgment of a lawful act? How
can Mr. Kufuor then explain any uncertainties in his conclusion that the EC
“acted as though above the law” at this crucial moment of our political life?
Kufuor is not a “diplomat in exile,” “a teacher in a cottage handicapped of
means and resources,” or any Ghanaian struggling to put shelter over the head
of his children, food on the table or buy petrol for his car. As an honorable
retiring President, Mr. Kufuor has official logistics and support services that
should guarantee his judgment even in retirement, at least on substance. He must
not make doubtful utterances on matters of national security; refuse peaceful
proposals while inciting violence, after our general elections for instance.
The former President, Mr. Kufuor’s words
did scare and thus put many humble, peace-loving Ghanaians on yellow alert;
seeking help or preparing for self-defense. He also did spark off anxiety
amongst the numerous genuinely disappointed NPP supporters who were openly either
shocked or genuinely depressed about the results. This is no news to the
ex-President? Certainly, no one now doubts the refusal of Hon. Akufo-Addo to
concede defeat, the initiation of court proceedings by the NPP and the denting
of our democratic prestige in Africa and the world as commissioned by
ex-President Kufuor. The question is why must ask why ex-President Kufuor seemed
so callous? What actually has the EC done so deliberately to warrant ex-President
Kufuor’s conclusion or consideration, that the Commission might have “acted as
though above the law?” Even those NPP conservatives and diehards, expected to
be extremely disappointed with the Presidential results, targeted to be violent,
deserve further explanations from ex-President Kufuor.
Certain that ex-President Kufuor is great
at being silent to things that matter, contrary to the quotation of Dr. King
(Jnr,) above, we will put to Ghanaians the practicalities of “acting above the
law” as were evidently and publicly perpetrated in the name of this
ex-President that is excruciatingly known to us. Perhaps Mr. Kufuor is not
concerned or aware of the corollary of his violence declaration. For the
purpose perfecting our Republic, therefore, we will even accept every form of
blame and correction as we “stand and load from the woods,” but it is still
for spinners sympathetic to the former President to consider also being silent on
such volatile matters not to aggravate more injury to the office of the former
President, Mr. Kufuor.
I, Alhaji Issaka Issifu was abused,
abandoned and threatened with death at the watch of Hon. Nana Addo Dankwa
Akufo-Addo as Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under ex-President
Kufuor, to create an untouchable Ambassador, simply put a citizen “above the
law,” because of his direct support from then Presidency of Mr. Kufuor. Honorable
Akufo-Addo in private may be angry losing such an important presidential election,
and that is a fair expectation from many noble politicians who have lost
elections. However, it should not be the duty of former President Kufuor, to
announce such disaffections. Ex-President Kufuor shouldn’t have announced Hon.
Akufo Addo’s anger and disappointments. Especially so, when the differences
between the Akufo-Addo camp and even the office of the former President (Kufuor)
are public and “written in red ink.” Nana Akufo-Addo can therefore genuinely smile
after reading this article, if the political fatigue does not impair his
memories and sense of humor.
You are right to be angry Nana, but your
silence and stance still hurts most Ghanaians. What is it to be considered a
“cheat” in this Presidential election if one can count constituencies in
Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Central regions, hitherto known as NPP strongholds that
voted against their previous trends?Nana Akufo-Addo should note that, it is
only in the death of our father, Hon. Adam Amandi, that I shall be doubtful in
what I am about to say. I don’t hate you. I told the late honorable former
Bawku MP, in honest that “I trusted Nana Akufo-Addo” will not promise and fail
him at a time in the nearest past. I did so because that was how I saw it, even
though it was a time when the NPP government officials had put my head on the
chopping board, based only on political prejudice by “Ghanaians” I had never
met or associated with until NPP was elected into power and we were bound to
work together; guided by our oaths and the laws of Ghana.
According to Oscar Wilde “True friends
stab you in the front,” but it is not over yet Nana. This mockery from the
former President is a frontal stab and perhaps from a good “political ally or
but the facts are that, none of us Ghanaians would benefit from violence. Especially,
preempted violence, that comes particularly from the lips of a former President
and the only other living former Head of State. Are the passing of late
President Atta Mills and the sudden departure of Vice President Alhaji Aliu
Mahama not enough sorrows and adequate proselytization to our former leaders
and politicians? Can’t they ascertain that we as a people will grieve together
their passing because they are among our finest and first class citizens? At
least the EC is not an individual but State Commission and should not be so
demonized by the very beneficiaries of its perfection, while they cover their
individual chronic socio-economic and political inadequacies.
Both the former President Mr. Kufuor and
Hon. Nana Akufo-Addo, (the latter still in my mind has a political future in
Ghana even if the rumors of retirement become true). Both might forget that, Ghanaians
were informed on November 20, 2007, that I Alhaji “Issaka Issifu, Counsellor at
the Consular Affairs Department of the Ghana Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, had
disappeared.” A diplomat at an Embassy disappeared under the watch of both of them;
a Minister and a President, yet we talk about free education. What is education
without the equal right to work? How many Ghanaians are fortunate to be our
representatives at home and abroad? The mishandling of a Consular has led to
serious conflicts between the receiving states and sending states of any such a
consular officer. Mr. Kufour still sees no wrong with a missing diplomat? Even
on AWOL as orchestrated, a true President will like to know, understand and
speak to the family of such a disappointing officer. This was not a talk about
missing documents or stolen ballot papers but a Foreign Service officer and a
consular officer declared missing in Japan. I was subsequently demonized just
as my former boss; Mr. Francis Poku, then Minister of National Security. Yet,
the ex-President is wandering about the bush about the EC, as an institution
acting as though above the law. Both of us, Mr. Francis Poku and myself (Alhaji
Issaka Issifu), as victims were forced into exile by the government of Mr.
Kufuor acting above reproach. Right! They declared themselves victors and no
one considered that as “acting above the
law.” Mr. Kufuor, knows that, all the “weekend hullabaloo” associated with
embarrassment of the former National Security Minister, manifested in a “coup-like”
mood, was just greed and envy on Mr. Francis Poku by perpetrator of the very
allegations levied on the great son of Ghana. Mr. Kufuor’s government misused
the law in his custody to intimidate and dehumanize us just to protect the
wrong and doubtful friends in his government. What do you have to say Mr. ex-President
Kufuor? Did you as President Kufuor consider both me and the former Minister for
National Security, Francis Poku, as being “below those friendly citizens?” or
“they were above the law?” We both are lawful citizens the President was on
Oath to protect but abandoned and threatened us further into exile.
Well it might interest ex-President
Kufuor further to note that, as his children rightly enjoy his retirement, it
is only he who breeds hatred in the hearts of other innocent Ghanaians children
we are raising as refugees. Certainly so, considering that what he constituted
as the “Reconciliation Commission” healed all our previous wounds. The Commissioners
were great and the testimonies historic but the idea was fake in as much as then
President Kufuor, while in office, repeatedly hurt more Ghanaians while the Commission
did its work and thereafter. Interestingly, if anyone can identify the
Ghanaians hurt in the name of ex-President Kufuor by only Ambassador (Dr.) Barfuor
Adjei-Bawuah alone, the number is close to 300, a number multiplied by a
thousand, as the minimal number of acquaintances for a diplomat, makes the
difference that denied Nana Akufo-Addo a win in these past elections. This was
not the misdeeds of the EC but bad governance inherited from the Kufuor
government by the declining New Patriotic Party (NPP). Hon. Akufo-Addo has
always been just another outsider, victimized and now about to be demonized.
Since 2004, Ghanaians knew ex-President Kufuor’s preferences and the future
shall confirm better, who he is and what his political fight is always been;
“come help us into power” and not “come let’s share in governance.” This is rightly
is not news to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.
His Excellency ex-President Kufuor cannot
hold any electable position in Ghana, because he has done it all, but he also has
children who should not suffer for his political decisions today. However, when
one is silent as citizens are massacred administratively, politically or
militarily with the intention to win a party’s candidature in any presidential
election, remember each of them the victims will pay you back with their
thumbs. Funny enough ex-President Kufuor now recognizes the law and by
implication declares no one is above the law. The use of a presidency to
declare a “citizen disappeared;” when it was known he was simply a targeted and
declared guinea pig, is not even humanly lawful. Today anyone can hear the
intimidations I suffered from the Japanese police on the instructions of Mr.
Kufuor’s untouchable “above the law” Ambassador, Dr. Adjei-Barwuah, as he literally
instructed the Japanese Police to evict me from my residence. Yet, after a
little more than a month later, the government of former President J. A. Kufuor
published I was missing. You humiliate a poor diplomat and abandon him, and
term that not “acting above the law?” And if there is any such laws that cover
the mistreatment of Ghanaians, let us Ghanaians hear your rebuttal in defense.
me was not enough; Kufuor’s cronies threatened my life with contract killers
and sentenced my children to hopelessness. Mr. Kufuor still sees that as descent
and not acting above the law. To refuse a diplomat his salary and the right to work,
endangering his family and denying his people their normal livelihood is the true
definition of an individual or entity being above the law, Your Excellency
ex-President J. A. Kufuor.
God Bless Our Homeland Ghana. Expected part
two Ladies and Gentlemen

In Exile”