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General News of Sunday, 29 September 2019


Powerful photo of late Major Mahama's wife and kids pop up; sons look just like their dad

A picture of the late Major Mahama with his family A picture of the late Major Mahama with his family

While losing one’s biological dad at a very tender age can be very traumatic for any child, the innocence of childhood shielded the kids of the late Major Maxwell Mahama from the full impact of their father’s untimely death.

Jaden and Jeremiah were still very young when their father was killed in an ungodly attack that left his wife, Barbara Mahama, his immediate family and many Ghanaians utterly shocked.

Despite the traumatic experience for Barbara and her children, she continues to rise and her kids look charming in a recent photo she shared on Instagram.

A recent photo of Jaden and Jeremiah together with their mother shows the kids are faring well.

Social media user, Tracy Sarkodie, asked about the state of the children after earlier reported about Barbara’s birthday.

She wrote: ''Where are the children of the late Captain Mahama now? It's been a while. The last time I heard any about them was when their father died in 2017 or so. Happy B'day dear". features three childhood photos of the children and a recent photo that shows the family is doing amazing.

1: Jaden with his dad before he passed away.

2: The last family photo of the late Major Mamaha, his wife Barbara and their son Jaden.

3: Jaden and his late dad.

4: Recent photo of the family all in smiles shows they are doing well. The last born, Jeremiah, looks just like his dad.