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General News of Thursday, 28 March 2019

Source: Moudline Duodua Gyan

Polytank launches new 'Mobile Toilet System' to help reduce open defecation

The assembled new Mobile Toilet System manufactured by Polytank

Ghana’s leading producer of plastic water and sanitation storage products, PolyTank has introduced a new mobile toilet system that seeks to change the lives of Ghanaians by improving access to decent and adequate toilet facilities in peri-urban communities.

The complete portable toilet system is made up of a moveable kiosk fitted with a toilet bowl which has a flushing mechanism, a hand washing sink and an optional bio-digester for waste disposal and management.

This new toilet system is unique due to the fact that it comes with an inbuilt overhead water storage tank which can store up to 200 litres of water for flushing.

This makes PolyTank the first local company in Ghana to manufacture such a complete portable toilet system that is hygienic, environmentally safe and healthy.

The moveable toilet system which comes in a combination of colours can be easily assembled and disassembled making it suitable for homes, construction sites, and outdoor events such as festivals, parties, funerals, concerts and conferences.

The innovative toilet system is in line with PolyTank’s effort to support government and international development organisations with their campaigns to end open defecation by providing access to affordable and sustainable toilets.

According to the management of PolyTank, the new mobile toilet will help to address the unsanitary challenges associated with the lack of toilet facilities “making the lives of consumers comfortable and cleaner at any given point of time or place”.

Inadequate decent toilet facilities, especially in cities continue to be a major health threat that affects the majority of Ghanaians. Due to poor sanitation, many people have been exposed to endemic diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid which has affected human development and increased poverty.

“People often have no choice but to use bushes, beaches, gutters and uncompleted buildings as places of conveniences which are undignifying and also increase the risk of spreading deadly diseases. This mobile toilet system will provide consumers with a unique, safe and healthy maintainable facility which is affordable and effective in the long-term”, they said.

The PolyTank team conveyed the fact that the new toilet is lighter and provides consumer privacy in a well-ventilated space and an adequate hand washing basin to prevent the spread of bacteria and cross-contamination.

It was specified that the attached bio-digester helps to chemically treat the urine and faeces through an inbuilt system making the disposed sewage environmentally safe. The toilet is also made with high quality ultraviolet raw material that repels insects such as termites, carpenter ants, wood borers which are found in wooden structures.

Polytank is a brand under the Mohinani Group with over 25 years of manufacturing experience in delivering water and sanitation storage solutions to Ghanaians. The company also manufactures products such as Polykiosks, plastic pallets, traffic cones, road barriers and fish tanks among others.