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General News of Friday, 28 May 2021


People & Places: Meet the 'no limbs' man who paints with his mouth

Joel Acheampong does amazing paintings with his mouth play videoJoel Acheampong does amazing paintings with his mouth

•Joel is a quadriplegic

•He has defied his challenges and is pursuing his passion and talent

•Joel paints with his mouth and has done several beautiful paintings

Joel Acheampong is his name and all four of his limbs are dysfunctional. His legs and hands are paralysed and can barely be used for anything but he paints; beautiful, unique paintings and he does these with his mouth.

At a young age of 5, he fell sick with a fever and he never recovered but grew weaker with each passing day.

After many attempts at prayer camps, hospitals, herbal shops, his parents gave up and he had to live with his condition.

Only discovering that it may have been polio after his 20’s he decided to make the most of life even with his challenge.

He imitated his siblings when they returned from school and scribbled in books. Through this, he discovered his talent and passion for art.

With the help of a benefactor, he decided to try painting but after his hands failed him several times because they couldn’t grip the brush firmly, he turned to his mouth.

Joel trained several times in the confinement of his room and when the art bloomed, he emerged to start painting.

Today, his work is appreciated by Ghanaians and foreigners alike. Many, including the U.S Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie S. Sullivan have patronized his works. All Joel wants is support to grow and sell his art so he can serve as an example to many others who find themselves in similar situations.

You can reach Joel via his social media pages; on Facebook at - Disability is in the Mind, on Instagram at Joel Acheampong and via phone on 0279619044

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