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General News of Monday, 25 June 2018


Pastor warns government against homosexual issues

Evangelist Kofi Tawiah, Head Pastor of Osu Church of Christ, has called on government not to legalise the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) rights in Ghana “as the act is demonic and the Bible condemns it”.

Pastor Tawiah in an interview with Ghana News Agency, classified “LGBT as a life threatening practice and foreign to the norms, traditions and the Biblical teachings which the Ghanaians must flee from”.

He stated: “Homosexuality is considered as a capital offence which is abominable and is accompanied by capital punishment,” adding that throughout the Holy Bible, people who engaged in this devilish act suffered destruction.

“Hence Ghanaian Christians must rise up and fight a just course for the country. It is unfortunate for anybody to think that today homosexuality is accepted by God.

“God destroyed two cities- Sodom and Gomorrah because of this same act and his stand is still the same on it. God never lowered his bar on homosexuality. If a whole nation was destroyed, why then should we engage in it?

“The fact that something is lawful or is legalised by other countries, does not mean it is right for all, bear in mind that legality does not guarantee moral uprightness,” he stated.

Evangelist Tawiah stressed that powerful nations may use their human power and knowledge to persuade others to legalise the unpardonable act, however Ghanaian leaders must stand firm in their positions to resist such external pressures.

He stressed that a government that was praising and acknowledging God for being the centre of their activities must heed to the voice and commands of God, and not to rush to succumb to the external influences in the name of putting food on their tables even at the expense of the whole nation.

The Head Pastor of Osu Church of Christ later in his sermon, encouraged Christians to be citizens who were willing to participate in the process that would make Ghana a better place for all and must be willing to eschew all forms of negative behaviours.