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General News of Monday, 31 August 2020


Parents of triplets born in a cocoa hamlet beg for support to feed their newborns

The mother and her triplets The mother and her triplets

The fate of a set of triplets born in a hamlet in the thick cocoa farms of Manukrom hang in a balance as their poor parents struggle to keep up feeding and taking care of them.

Ultimate News’ visit to the little hamlet in the outskirts of Manukrom in the Atwima Nwabeagya Municipality of the Ashanti Region, the adorable boys and girl, were rationing breast milk, too little to feed their hungry stomachs.

“The nurses told us to buy baby formula for them but it is running out. I can’t even afford to prepare soup to eat so they can get breast milk. In the night, they cry of hunger till daybreak,” mother of the triplets Salamatu Atahiru lamented.

She recounted how she broke down in tears after doctors found she was carrying triplets in her womb.

Salamatu’s worst fears of cuddling three hungry babies with no hope of getting enough to feed them is playing out in reality.

Her husband Musa Atahiru described how he had to cough up five hundred cedis to get a vehicle to transport his wife on a two hour rough journey to the Nkawie Government Hospital; when labour pains set in one night as late as 1 AM.

Musa who earns pittance after weeding tracks of farmlands; had to borrow money from friends and farm owners to keep up with hospital bills; the cost of a caesarean Section and weekly checkups.

Their baby food which costs 90 cedis per can, is fast running out.

These beautiful miracles have few clothes to protect them from the cold floors on which their mats are spread.

In their eight weeks on earth, they have never slept in baby courts or enjoyed the comfort of mattresses.

Musa Atahiru told reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, he can only hope that some benevolent heart is touched to extend some help to their little hamlet.

He averred, “I had to borrow to pay for our medical bills. I am now left with thoughts of how to repay the loans. I am worried about the future of these babies. For now I cannot even afford buying them their food supplements.”

Their plight perhaps presents an opportunity for all to show their benevolence by giving to raise these children in a healthy and safe environment.