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Politics of Thursday, 20 December 2012

Source: Abdul Karim Naatogmah

PPP raises red flag on election results

Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum’s Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) has called for forensic audit into the final results of the 2012 elections collated by the Electoral Commission.

The PPP insists there were inaccuracies in the results with which the EC declared President John Mahama as the President elect by 50.70%.

“The 2012 elections were not free and fair and free and fair elections do not take place only on election day and we have decided to bring to the attention of the people of Ghana the problems and challenges before, during and after the elections to avoid the clear and present danger of this country being torn apart and God forbid, Ghana becoming a one party state.”

According to the PPP national Secretary, Kofi Asamoah Siaw, the electoral will of Ghanaians has been prevented, hence the party’s call for forensic audit into the 2012 elections final results.

He was addressing the media on Thursday at the PPP headquarters in Accra saying, “We have problems with the figures announced by the EC and we have issues with the credibility, integrity of the entire electoral process; so there are serious problems with it and we want a reform.”

He advocated, “Moving on to the voting itself, we want a system of voting that can guarantee that there is no manipulation, no rigging, no changing of figures and no inaccuracies, so that is what we are pushing for and as we speak now we do not believe that the magnitude of inaccuracies detected by the PPP makes the election results credible and therefore we believe that the people’s will have been perverted and that is what is dangerous to our democracy.”

The PPP national Secretary also called for the strict enforcement of the law on political parties funding and campaign activities.

“Starting with strict compliance with the political parties law, the EC must audit parties to see where they get their funding from, to see whether they have offices and they are national in character and all the things that the part three requires all the political parties to do.”

The PPP further cried foul over the abuse of incumbency during elections. “The abuse of incumbency, the adoption of state resources, the usage of state vehicles and machinery and even the inability of the EC to detect sources of campaign funding puts parties such as the PPP that is ready to play by the rules at a disadvantage position.”

He reiterated the PPP’s subscription to progressive ideology which makes it imperative for the party to demonstrate to Ghanaians that they have better than the social democrat and property owning ideologies of the NDC and the NPP. Present at the news conference was the PPP’s 2012 vice Presidential candidate, Miss Eva Lokko and the party’s national Chairman, Nii Allotey Brew Hammond who were scheduled to hold a meeting with other executives to strategize ahead of the 2016 elections.