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Opinions of Thursday, 26 February 2015

Columnist: Boasiako, Antwi Peter

Osarfo Marfo Is Right On Mahama's Intentional Sideline Of Autochthonous Akans!!

I have listened to the tape played, and I honestly think that Osafo Marfo was making an emphatic frank statement.
The only issue is that, his failure to go straight in stating the obvious fact, to point out the barefaced fact happening in this Mahama-led administration is the problem.

What I believe Osarfo Marfo intended to speak about which didn't come out clearly and understandably was the real fact happening in Ghana in this govt, and I believe must be spoken about.

This in the sense that, during Kufuor's administration, the NDC newspapers listed the names of all the top officials in the gov't bearing Akan names, whether the person was from Volta region with Akan name or from western, Eastern, but as long as the person bears an Akan name, the Kufuor's administration was finally christened as Akans gov't, giving credence to their old weak-minded argument that the NPP is an akan/Ashanti party.

They even pointed out that Kufuor intentionally failed to fill somebody from Upper East/West in his administration, arguing Kufour claims there was no qualified person from that region. Very tribal argument, but that was allowed to stick in the minds of Ghanaians.

What I understand Osafo Marfo wanted to point out, which is a fact in NDC/Mahama administration is that, people from the indigenous Akan regions have been sidelined/neglected or not filled at-all in any of the top positions in this administration. That is a fact and it's unquestionable. This trend is downright traceable from Atta Mills to Mahama's govt. The question is, who then are occupying the top positions in the NDC/Mills/ Mahama administrations? Aren't only most people from the three northern regions and those from Volta region? Is this not noticeable fact in these administrations, and the NPP should not make politics out of it? Why not?

This is a conspicuous fact, which if it is the NDC, they would have made huge political capital out of it as they did when NPP was in power.

Yes, I understand it bothers on tribalism and must be played carefully, which in my opinion, Osarfo Marfo played it carefully, but it is also a gospel true that this has been happening, which NPP should have made or must also make political issue about it. Nothing wrong with that.

To be frank, at that closed door meeting, am sure Osarfo Marfo wanted to sensitise the people in those areas to be extremely angry at John Mahama for his purposely neglect of them by mere reason of the fact that they are autochthonous Akans. He added that, even though, those regions provide most of the country's highest resources which the government uses to manage us all. This argument is simply undeniable fact.

At least I recall that, recently, the NDC/Mahama govt was forced to hearken to the agitations made by some NDC youths supported by some opinion leaders in Western region that, the Minister of Energy MUST come from their region because the Ghana Jubilee Oil field is on their land. This, the Mahama govt paid attention to that and appointed somebody from that region as the Minister for Energy. Was this not regional and tribal political decision?

The question again is, can all the other regions, particularly the Ashanti, Esatern, BA regions demand that same because their regions suffice the nation with all the other major resources and for that matter, they should also be given the ministers for Lands, Mines, Agriculture and Forestry, since they produce Gold, Timber, Manganese, Cocoa and even most of local food stuff? Wouldn't it be fair on them regions too to have ministers solely coming from there?

Again, some members in the NDC/Mills/Mahama gov't told Ex-Prez Kufour point blank that, he is NOT Ga, and not from greater Accra and for that matter Kufour can't own office in Accra, simply bcos he's not Ga native, therefore if he has ended his tenure as President of Ghana, he should go back to Kumasi.

With this, Solomon Nkansah, the current NDC Communications Officer, on Peace FM 6 O'clock news bulletin, opined openly that, Kufour should rather think of having his office in Kumasi bcos that's where he hails from, adding if Kufour dares them to have his office in Accra Ridge, they will uproot him like Cassava from his office, all because Kufour is Not Ga (y3 b3tu Kufuor s3 bankye), that was his comment. This unfortunate situation happened in Ghana Accra, which even infuriated some NPP youths in Western/Eastern regions that they would block all rooads, they wouldn't allow any Timber car to pass carrying any timber to Accra.

Again, under the NDC Prez Atta Mills, their members openly argued that they do NOT want any Akan name to be put on any national asset in greater Accra. With these threats, they even pressed vehemently that the name Ohene Djan, the man from Aburi who's name was put on Accra Sports Stadium should be changed just because the name sounds too Akan.

The word "Akwaaba" written in Akan language to welcome people arriving at the Kotoka International Airport, a Chief in Accra-La, also openly asked that the word Akwaaba should be scrapped and replace with a Ga translated word to welcome people at the airport, to reflect them, saying the twi language has become too popular. The La chief added that the Airport is on their Land therefore the welcoming language should be in Ga, he never complained about "You Are Welcome" which is also written in English language there. The chief also never complain about the name "Kotoka", to be changed. The question is why? Wasn't it interesting?

JJ Rawlings who has had his office peacefully in Accra Ridge all these while was never asked to go back to Ho in the Volta because he's also not Ga. Why Kufour alone?

That is the core issue which need to be tackled than this hypocritical attitude shown towards Osarfo Marfo's comment. What did he say wrong?

This same John Mahama openly, Not in private, told Northerners that they should vote for him because he's the one from North during the 2012 campaign, Mahama even added that, "if the NPP want votes from the Northern region, they should think of choosing somebody from the North for the general elections. Wasn't that serious tribal comment?

John Jerry Rawlings also openly told the people of Volta region that, "they should never vote for these NPP people because they are our (votarians) enemies". What was this comment about, is it not tribal comment? Did any one hear NDC members condemning Rawlings?

The late Atta Mills also openly told the pple in Central region that, he Atta Mills is from Central region, they should vote for him because "Adze wofie a oye." Is this comment different from what John Mahama said in the North during the campaign?

E.T Mensah said on NDC campaign platform that, if any Ga native votes for NPP, it means you are like a dead sheep (odwan a wawuo na ob3to aba ama NPP on the Ga land), that was E.T Mensah's comment. Was he condemned by NDC members?

A chief in Volta region is able to stand at an open gathering to promise Mahama that, you know, at last elections, I promised to deliver 100,000 votes for you, but I managed only 80,000, but I can promise you again that at the next elections I will get more than the 100,000 I promised earlier. What a lot of naaansense promise!! Did you hear any NDC member or any civil opinion leader condemning this senseless promise by the chief?

These and more are the tribal cards the NDC has played on NPP in Ghana, but when fortunately or unfortunately, one of our own member in NPP makes a similar statement or anything relating to tribal, then that is when you see our own members in NPP castigating and condemning tribal politics in Ghana, making our own resign to himself for making tribal related comment. Why, are we the only holy political party in Ghana?

Our attitude shows that, the NDC have the right to openly play tribal politics but the NPP have absolutely No right, we can't! ... Why?

This is already part of our body politics in Ghana, the NPP should not play any holier than thou attitude and think of winning any general elections in Ghana. Until we see that the NDC members begin to see that it is Not a good practice, then it must be played by all. Simple!!

It baffles me that, some NPP Akan members are able to openly confront their own king's and chiefs when they play politics or when they are wrong, but same NPP members from other tribes would never like to make any comment about their tribe opinion leaders, even when they are wrong. The question is WHY? What a hypocrisy!!

Osarfo Marfo meant good, we shouldn't chastise him. He was speaking to energise those people in the area to work hard and to be extremely angry for power and at John Mahama, for purposely neglecting them because of their Akans congenital.

Does it mean that any time a tribal comment is made by our leaders, even in closet, somebody there should record it and play it out, for us to chastise our own..., Why?

Opanyin Osarfo Marfo, waka a waka, nekaa nono. Simple.


Peter Antwi Boasiako.