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General News of Tuesday, 25 August 2020


Only 'first-class' Ghanaian citizens to own properties – Hassan Ayariga

Founder of All People's Congress(APC)  - Hassan Ayariga Founder of All People's Congress(APC) - Hassan Ayariga

Founder and leader of the All Peoples Congress Hassan Ayariga has vowed to curb the incidence of foreigners owning large number of properties in the country.

As a precautionary measure, the newly acclaimed presidential candidate of the APC hinted that his government will introduce different identifications to classify Ghanaians.

Dr. Ayariga intimated that unique identities will be given to Ghanaians who are citizens by virtue of both parents being nationals. He classified such persons as ‘first-class Ghanaians,’ adding that they are the only ones who will be entitled to own properties in the country.
As a matter of fact, Hassan Ayariga disclosed that there will be three types of identifications.

“We will have three identifications. One for Ghanaians, full Ghanaians. What it means is that your father and mother must be Ghanaians.

“These are the only people who can own properties in this country, they are the first-class Ghanaians. And that will be the first identification for the Ghanaian.

“…The first passport will be given to full Ghanaians… and if you want to buy a property in this country, you’ll have to pass through them. You being a second(class) Ghanaian cannot acquire property in this country,” Hassan Ayariga indicated.

Dr Hassan Ayariga lamented about the increasing spate at which Ghanaian properties are being purchased and owned by non-Ghanaian entities across the country.
He was of the view that the practice will cause the country to regress into slavery.
He further stated that under his administration, persons who did not belong to the ‘first-class Ghanaian’ category will not be allowed to run for the presidential and parliamentary seats.

“…you being a second(class) Ghanaian cannot contest for the presidency of this country. You being a second(class) Ghanaian can never be a parliamentarian because we’re fast losing everything.

Foreigners very soon will put up candidates to contest for this election and win the presidency and we will become 21st-century slaves.” He stated.

Look around, all the factories and the big big companies do not belong to Ghanaians. All the big lands and properties in East Legon belong to foreigners, yet we call ourselves Ghanaians,” He added.