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Opinions of Friday, 9 September 2016

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi

Not doable - mantra of dysfunctional John Mahama and NDC

By Fadi Dabbousi

A very informative and precise comment that was posted on the link below prompted this article on the "not-doable" mantra of a rather dysfunctional government and its apparatchiks

The comment read as follows, "Don't forget to fry your fish in crude oil since you and your NDC saw it as "adwi ngo" (cooking oil) when the NPP announced its discovery !!!

Visionless NDC sees every new policy initiative put forward by the far-thinking NPP as impossible to accomplish. They doubted the NHIS, LEAP, Maternal Health Care, and the School Feeding Programme when the NPP proposed these policy initiatives, yet the NPP went ahead and implemented them.

As for the Crude Oil discovery by the NPP, leading members of the NDC called it cooking oil ("adwi ngo") right before Parliament. Today, the NDC is the Party that has benefited most from all the so called "impossible" policy programmes of the NPP. They are also the Party that has mismanaged and looted our Crude Oil money. Very typical of the NDC to see impossibilities in good policy proposals tabled by the NPP !!!"

The Ghanaian electorate must, importantly, know that the NDC is bereft of vision, and sense of direction. It is instinctive of humans to immediately find their bearings in water, and always swim in the direction towards the top anytime they find themselves in treacherous waters, but the people of the NDC are of a different kind.

Totally disoriented, they seem to be lacking the very genes that add to the sophistications of being human, so they are always swimming in the wrong direction.

I find it an insult to the faculty of honourable men when supposedly learned people make adulterous statements as if they live in pens like 'goats' waiting to be declared 'dead'. But then again, that is not so surprising, after all their leader, president John Dramani Mahama, claimed he had the 'Dead Goat' syndrome.

Truly, NDC benefitted most from NPP policies and discoveries. In which dictionary is crude oil described as "adwi ngo", cooking oil? But the learned idiots in the murderous party of violence and intolerance gave a new meaning to imbecility, otherwise how could innovative super initiatives like the NHIS, school feeding programme, social interventions, LEAP, and maternal healthcare, be run down creating inconveniences, high rate of school dropouts, and avoidable deaths.

Under the NDC, Ghanaian lives mean nothing. How many times did John Mahama promise and fail? The heading of their incompetence and bloodthirsty reality is the Accra drainage system.

Having acquired some 800 million dollars to reconstruct the drains in the capital city, people continue to die from floods. The NDC saw it prudent to pay Ibrahim Mahama, the President's brother, $200 million USD of that money for the sham dredging of the odaw river, touted to be a free job, although the machinery used were the government's.

The deaths of over 200 innocent Ghanaians due to the 2015 floods will forever remain a tattoo of shame on the foreheads of John Mahama, Oko Vanderpuye and the NDC freaks. Yet when the NPP comes out with visionary plans, NDC maniacs like Kofi Adams, kokoon Anyidoho, and the oedipus head Kojo Twum Boafo, rush to scream "it is not doable".

Then after recognising their spontaneous foolishness, they backtrack to say that the innovative policies of the NPP are already being implemented, albeit without a single evidence to support their false claims. Governance under the NDC has turned into the scramble for favours from John Mahama so long as his discordant songs are hymned.

But Kofi Adams was quick to endorse John Mahama's stupid promise of 'one house one meter', which made Ghanaians question whether the president is now doubling as the Managing Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG.

The shambolism of NDC's internal wrangling is too glaring. Disgruntled foot soldiers are constantly complaining about the bigotry practised against them by the hierarchy of the party at all levels of leadership. Many have deserted it, and many more have decided to vote against it.

Some have decided not to vote at all. Well, why not, after all, in the 8 years of NDC's egregious rule, only a few have benefitted like John Mahama, his family and a few of their friends, Asiedu Ntetia, and a select minority of the thieves at the top. The other NDC vultures scavenge for crumbs that drop from the mouths of the gluttons. And of course, the big loser is the Nation at large.

John Mahama is visionless, hopeless, useless, and, certainly, imprudent. His only mission to be President is to continue stealing Ghana's coffers and impose on us more suffering.

Dear Ghanaians, please vote him out. Show the NDC the exit. Let's just say #NDCExitNow...!!!

Vote for NPP's DOABLE policies and the Abotarehene, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

My name is Fadi Dabbousi and #IAmForNana