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General News of Saturday, 21 April 2018

Source: Abdul Hakeem Ahmed

Nmati Abonase quarters set records straight on position of the ‘La Shikitele’

The Nmati Abonase quarters in the La traditional area on Sunday, April 22nd held a press conference to set the records straight on who the ‘La Shikitele’ (King Maker) is and what the position meant.

Speaking at the conference, the ‘La Shikitele’, Nii Adjei Koofeh IV said, the ‘Shikitele’ (King Maker) has time in memorial been the King Maker for the La Traditional area and not a secretary to the ‘La Mantse’ has said by some people.

He said, some people who erroneously refer to the ‘Shikitele’ as secretary to the ‘La Mantse’ claim that ‘Shikitele’ in Portuguese means secretary, this according to him is very unfortunate adding that those people making such allegations have not been able to provide evidence to buttress their assertions.

“The word secretary in Portuguese is Secertario’ and not ‘Shikitele’, therefore I urge all to desist from the act of referring to the ‘Shikitele’ as secretary to the ‘La Mantse” he said.

According to him, the ‘Nmati Abonase’ quarters have made available documents and court judgement which attest to the fact that the ‘Shikitele’ has never been the secretary to the ‘La Mantse’ but a “King Maker”.

“We have ample documents and court judgement to attest to the fact that the ‘Shikitele’ in La constitutional affairs have been assented to by all quarters of La including some forefathers of those who usually refer to the ‘Shikitele’ as secretary” he added.

Nii Koofeh IV said, the ‘Shikitele’ by virtue of his position is the head of the electoral college of the La traditional area and acts as the ‘La Mantse’ when the stool becomes vacant this according to him threatens those referring to his position as secretary to the ‘La Mantse’.

“I see this as enviness against the power of the position I occupy, the ‘Shikitele’ has the power to make and unmake a king and that is what threatens them but as I said, we have made available document that attest to the fact that the Shikitele has time in memorial been the King Maker and not a secretary to the ‘La Mantse” adding that his Office entreats all and sundry to be informed about the position of the ‘La Shikitele’ and address it properly to avoid and form of punishment by infringing on court judgements.

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