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General News of Sunday, 23 May 2021


New Bissa Chief installed at New Bortiano

Kir Suallah Saeed Sare also doubles as the 'Sandaona' of the New Bortiano Zongo Chief Kir Suallah Saeed Sare also doubles as the 'Sandaona' of the New Bortiano Zongo Chief

The Greater Accra Council of Bissa Chiefs has officially installed Suallah Saeed Sare as the Bissa Chief of New Bortiano at a special ceremony held at the Ali Dabre Palace in Accra.

It comes after months of being chosen for the royal task by the Zongo Chief of the community.

Saturday was a moment characterised with blessings and praises but aftermath marked with merry and jollity as the young Bissa man picked another leadership gauntlet.

The Business mogul went through the unique Bissa traditions in the presence of all those who matter in Bissa affairs in the region.

Over thirty Chiefs, including the Zongo Chief of New Bortiano, attended the coronation ceremony, which was administered by the Greater Accra Bissa Imam Hassan Nombre.

He was conferred with the title of "Kir" with regal power, automatically becoming a member of the Greater Accra Council of Bissa Chief and one of the few with distinct jurisdiction.

He officially becomes the first Bissa Chief of the Greater Accra suburb and had his two wives accompanying him for the historic event.

His ascension to the seat of the leadership of New Bortiano comes at the back of an exceptional leadership role as the "Sandaona" of the Zongo Chief of the community.

Saturday's coronation was the culmination of days of rituals that included a Quranic recitation on Friday.

Hundreds of people, including family and friends, attended the ceremony, which was under the auspices of Chief Ali Dabre, who is the president of the Greater Accra Council of Bissa Chiefs.

There is an established order to who becomes a Bissa Chief in the region, and Sare's tenure comes with full recognition by the Dabre Palace.

He was chosen to be the Chief of Bissas by the Zongo Chief of the New Bortiano community, but that power installation lies in the hands of the Regional Council of Bissa Chiefs.

The affable Sare man grabs an additional leadership mantle following an unblemished service, making the man for the people.

He was named as the Bissa Chief months ago but 22nd May 2021, will mark his formal investiture with regal power, becoming the first Bissa Chief for the community.

It comes at a time the Bissa fraternity is on a mission to build strong institutions to spur its “Zekula” agenda to the higher heights.
He is already in the position of “Sandaona” of the Bortiano Zongo Community and looks poised for the double roles to the benefit of society.

He picks an additional mantle of leadership mantle but specifically to be exercised on the Bissas under his jurisdiction.

Chief Suallah Sare is a business mogul with exceptional leadership traits and comes in as one of the youthful Bissas to hold sway in the Greater Accra Suburb.

The ceremony also saw the display of the beautiful Bissa culture as many men and women made a glamorous appearance at the event to add more colour to the event.

The day attracted a huge presence of people, with many travelling from far and near to witness the inauguration of a new leader for Bissas.

His assumption to the seat of leadership in New Bortiano will make him a new central player in the steps to expand the influence of the Bissa fraternity across the country