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General News of Sunday, 17 May 2015

Source: GNA

Netanyahu Is a danger to the world - Kwesi Pratt

Mr Kwesi Pratt Junior, Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper has described Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu as a danger not only to Palestine, but to the whole world.

He said Netanyahu, who had openly expressed his disbelief in a two- nation resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and whose Minister of Justice had also called for the killing of Palestinian women and children, is a danger to the world and needs to be removed from power.

Speaking at the opening of a seven-day photo exhibition organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign on the plight of Palestinian prisoners, to mark the 67th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba in 1948 when Israeli Zionists forcibly displaced some 800, 000 Palestinians from their original towns and cities into the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

He recounted some actions of Israel including the arrest and imprisonment of prominent Palestinians, women and children by Israeli security forces and condemned such activities.

He called on the international community to ostracise Israel at all international meetings and to boycott Israeli goods in an effort to break its economic backbone and end its 'colonialist' hold on Palestine.

He also bemoaned the display of Israeli flags by some Ghanaian 'trotro' and taxi drivers, which he attributed to ignorance.

He urged the authorities to take steps to address the occurrence of police and army men in uniform who display Israeli flags, saying it is an embarrassment to the nation since soldiers and security personnel should show their loyalty to the nation by exhibiting only the national flag when in uniform.

Mr Abdulfatah A.K Alsattari, Palestinian Ambassador, said the commemoration of the day was a solemn one for all Palestinians, adding that the 67th anniversary came at a time when there is increasing international support for the Palestinian course and condemnation of Israel's extremism.

He cited an example of an American newspaper which had condemned a Facebook post by the Justice Minister in Netanyahu's new government saying "the Palestinian people should be exterminated along with their women, children and the aged, and all its citizens destroyed".

"However, the Palestinian people will be victorious in the end because we are on the path of truth and have a strong will power that will set us free and we will establish an independent state," he stated.

Mr Kofi Attor, Director of International Relations of the National Democratic Party said Ghanaians should not see the issue between Israel and Palestine as a religious conflict and assured those committed to the Palestinian cause of the issue being resolved in their lifetime since apartheid and other such regimes had fallen in their life span.