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Diasporia News of Thursday, 21 February 2008

Source: Campaign Committee - Nduom for President

Nduom Meets Citizens For Better Ghana In Virginia

.......And promises to concentrate on the fundamentals to improve the quality of life of all Ghanaians.

The Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom has said in meetings in the non-partisan, broad-based Ghanaian group, Citizens for a Better Ghana (CFABG) with chapters in North America, UK, Europe and South Africa that he will concentrate on implementing fundamental, basic solutions to improve the quality of life for all Ghanaians when he becomes the President of the Republic of Ghana in January, 2009.

Dr. Nduom in two separate meetings held in the Virginia-Washington, DC area was firm in his conviction that he will implement the important CPP principle of Social Justice. This he said among other things requires that the basic needs of the people for good drinking water, electricity, safe roads, standard quality schools, and well-organised communities including a good roof over people’s heads are implemented across the board throughout the country. This will ensure that the rural people get their fair opportunity for a high quality of life.

Dr. Nduom used the opportunity to describe the differences in ideas between him and the other Presidential Candidates while answering questions. The CPP Flagbearer said he would separate the Office of Attorney General from that of the Minister of Justice to allow for the independence of the prosecutor and thereby provide a better opportunity than exists today to fight corruption in all its forms without interference from politicians. He acknowledged the worrisome nature of the drug menace and violent crime and promised to seek international assistance and cooperation given the global nature of the drug trade. However, he will concentrate on strengthening the Ghanaian law enforcement agencies particularly the police service with modern equipment and better conditions of service. President Nduom will introduce an agenda to amend the constitution to allow for the election of District Chief Executives and all Assembly Members and prevent Ministers of State from being Parliamentarians.

The affable and humble CPP flagbearer stressed that he is committed to reducing the size of the executive from the current 85 ministers to no more than 40 (including deputies).

Infrastructure development will be a high priority of Dr. Nduom’s administration. Dr. Nduom will empower the youth of Ghanaians with universal education and job creation. Dr. Nduom is the only candidate with audacious agenda to bridge the development gaps between the north and the south on the one hand and the rural areas and the urban areas on the other hand. Standard solutions for infrastructure and school facility construction will be used to close development gaps in the country. He promised to ensure that standard first class inter-region highways are built to link all regional capitals to open up the entire country for development and investment. He cited the example of the poor road network linking the Upper West and Upper East Regions (particularly between the two regional capitals – Wa and Bolga) as important reasons for the low level of development in those regions.

Dr. Nduom’s administration will accelerate development by providing leadership with a sense of urgency and appointing the best people to positions without regard to ethnic origin, religion and or political affiliation. To promote job creation, he will use the state’s purchasing power, tax incentives and market mechanisms to support local industries and initiate a well-planned public works program to put the youth to work.

Dr. Nduom repeated his commitment to a Campaign of Ideas and Solutions and invited the other Presidential Candidates to join in ensuring a positive campaign that will bring peace to the country after the elections. He also confirmed his readiness to engage in debates with the other Candidates so that the differences in ideas, experience and readiness to administer the affairs of the country can become clearer.


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