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Opinions of Sunday, 27 February 2011

Columnist: The Emperor

Nana Akuffo Addo: the face of hate

Let me start off by saying that I love Atta Mills. Yes, I truly do. Tough, I may not necessarily approve of his politics. Well, not all of them! For instance, the decision to employ Koreans to build houses for us wasn’t his best. We could’ve done it ourselves. I am sure that many of you would agree! Also, the tax increment on imported commodities didn’t sit well with me. I believed that it was a bad decision then, I still believe it now! Recently, his government collateralized our oil for loan. I didn’t like it a bit! I believe that he should’ve waited for the oil to flow. After all, time is of the essence. Anyway, I cannot blame him. I understand! Ghanaians are turning up the heat on him. Expectations are flying off the roof! Hence, the haste to deliver at all costs.

Having said this, Atta Mills is definitely the man of the hour. To me, he is heaven sent. The best president since Nkrumah, without a doubt. This is my honest opinion of him, of course. You’re free to form yours! It’s quite unfortunate that he came to power at the peak of the global financial crisis. For him, the timing couldn’t have been worse! Otherwise, he would’ve done some amazing things. I am sure of it! By the way, he is doing his best. Let’s not forget to give him some credit. Do you know what I see, when I Iook at Mills? I see love! Yes, Atta Mills loves Ghana truly and deeply. His heart and mind is in the right place! This is a guy who wants to make Ghana better. He wants to make Ghana a proud country, just like Nkrumah. However, the forces, which aligned against Nkrumah, have aligned against him. They don’t want him to succeed. It’s obvious!

The opposing political forces are doing everything within their powers to sabotage his plans. The forces are headed by a man of Akan descent. He wears the face of hate. Blood thirsty! He is a man whose intentions aren’t good for Ghana. If given a chance, he would throw the country into civil war. This man, in his arrogance, believes that he was destined to rule. He has already convinced himself of this! Ever since Atta Mills became our president, his enemies have tried to distance him from Rawlings. As y’all know, the man who helped get him elected. The man of the people! Atta Mills should be careful! He shouldn’t let them succeed. Otherwise, he would lose come 2012. There is no way he could win on his own! Yes, Rawlings may not be perfect. However, he speaks truth to power. The kind of truth--which makes devils shiver and weep. The kind of truth--which commands the ear to hear! His magnetic appeal!

So, Atta Mills should be very careful. His presidency was fashioned for glory. All would be brought to naught if he loses to the man of war. The short and reckless one! For if he wins, the country would be divided behind tribal lines. Its people would suffer, as consequence. He would then revisit the dark days of old, when tribal enmity was the norm. He would corrupt power, for he was born corrupt. Ghana is one, and her people are one. Therefore, anyone who tries to divide us should be deemed our enemy. Tribalism is absolutely detrimental to progress and national cohesion! It’s a disease, which deserves to be rooted out at all costs. I am sure that all educated people would agree! I would end by saying this; 21st century Ghana would be shaped by people with innovative ideas, not by those who believe in tribal division or tribal supremacy. Their primitive days are gone 4ever!

Welcome 2 the new Age of Consciousness!

Source: The Emperor