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General News of Monday, 17 October 2016


NPP angry over Anyidoho’s ‘mutum bansa’ insult against Bawumia

Deputy Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Anthony Karbo has warned that the party may be forced to launch personal attacks on President John Mahama if the Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Koku Anyidoho does not desist from attacking the NPP running mate Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

Koku Anyidoho has in the past few months launched a sustained attack on the person of Dr Bawumia calling him a liar, claiming he failed to provide an iota of evidence to back his allegation of over 76,286 Togolese nationals on Ghana’s voters register.

The former Presidential Spokesperson has vowed to torment Dr Mahamudu Bawumia who’s a former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana if he fails to produce his list of 90% of Togolese on Ghana’s voters roll.

Addressing a rally of NDC supporters in Kumasi on Saturday, Koku Anyidoho stated that Dr Bawumia is a dishonest politician who has made lying his stock in trade and should not be rewarded with the second highest office of the land.

He further described Dr Bawumia as “Mutum Banza” a Hausa expression used to describe a person who cannot be used for anything meaningful. In other words,
“Mutum Banza” means “a useless person” or “a nonentity.”

But Anthony Karbo in a response has stated that the party and supporters of Dr Bawumia have had enough of Koku Anyidoho’s buffoonery, and would be compelled though reluctantly to respond in equal measure if the practice is not stopped.

“We are ready for Koku Anyidho, because it is only in this country that he thinks he can continuously attack Dr Bawumia and go scot free. We will respond and the President will take the full responsibility for the actions that we are going to take in respect of these attacks on Dr Bawumia. This is not because we think he’s a god or an angel, we are all doing politics but when the attacks turn personal, it becomes a cause for concern.”

He added: “We have a lot of arsenals to use to attack the person of President Mahama, but we’ll not go that way of insulting him. I don’t agree with his corruption, his incompetence and his greed, but it doesn’t mean that I will take this argument to a point that I will insult the person of the President.

Koku Anyidoho should know that, this his incessant attacks on Dr Bawumia can create a big problem for him if he doesn’t know. We are advising him to desist or we’ll direct out attack at the President. We are tired of Koku Anyidoho’s buffoonery.”