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Opinions of Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Columnist: Tamakloe, Kojo

NPP and its fake claim

as champions of democracy and rule of law

Let Ghanaians beware Kojo Tamakloe

The NPP and its forbears have for a long time fooled the world, laying claims to be champions of democracy and advocates of the rule of law. Current events will unfold to give the claim, as a big hoax as usual. The NPP and its forbears always claim to be what they are not and current events are showing them again as the “ leopards who will not change their spots” . In fact for those of us who would have wanted to give the NDC the boot , the NPP was not a choice knowing them for what they were and still are .

1951 , the then Gold Coast held its first election and the then UGCC lost but would not concede to the CPP . They mounted countless appeals to the then Colonial government to annul the election to no avail, and released Nkrumah who at that time was in jail to become leader of government business. Apart from that,there was also violence in the strong holds with the emergence of the NLM and “terrorist” chief Baffour Akoto. 1956 election saw more violence and more petitions from the losing NLM and UGCC alliance , mostly tribal based organizations . I am sure Ghanaians would remember the trip to England by these negative forces to prevent the march to independence. When they again failed to stop progress, they then resorted to mayhem. Those with access to the publications of those days will have access to the mysterious murder of pregnant women, taxi drivers and generally to create the atmosphere of insecurity and un governability in the country followed soon after independence by assassination attempts on the then Prime Minister Nkrumah. Should I remind Ghanaians of the bombs that were even thrown at us school children after the murder of other school children at Kulungugu,in the present day Upper east. It culminated into the 1966 coup

They promised heaven on earth after Nkrumah went . But what did we get ,queues for what were termed “ essential” commodities and “ kalabule’. When Salah took them to court for wrongful dismissal with 568 others , and ,they lost , the response was “ No Court, No Court”. This from the champions of the rule of law.
I am not going to be labor you , readers. But what happened in 1969 when the NAL lost ? No appeals , no agitation . Even Gbedemah submitted to his losing his seat in parliament for having been with the CPP . Compare with when the NPP lost in 1992 ? They boycotted parliament . Come 2000 and 2004 and we saw the NDC losing and there was peace even in the face of provocation . Come 2008 elections and Nana never conceded defeat. From 2009 -2012 did you see Nana at any function including Independence day celebrations with the late President Mills? Every March 6th and Nana was overseas doing something else but being at home to honour our independence. What can be more important that the birth of our nation ? Can Nana be said to be a Statesman? I leave the judgment to you if Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo is fit to be President ,as a democrat and one that will further the rule of law? Is it any surprise then the intransigence of Nana Addo and the NPP ? Surely “Leopards never change their spots” . Let posterity judge if the NPP and its Flag bearer are Champions of democracy and the rule of law ?

The writer, Kojo Tamakloe, is an Nkrumaist, who is convinced it is only African Unity that will solve Africa’s under development