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Opinions of Monday, 26 August 2019

Columnist: Charles McCarthy

NPP Mpohor Constituency: Vote for competent and development-oriented candidate

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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Mpohor Constituency will soon experience its first parliamentary primaries election since it was carved from the former Mpohor Wassa East Constituency.

It is in the light of this that party supporters in the constituency must act intelligently and strategically to improve the Npp's acceptability and popularity in this newly created constituency.

In the past, consensus-building ensured that an incumbent Mp was allowed to contest elections, at least for two terms, which represent 8 years, after which the incumbent candidate gives way to a new face. The current NPP MP for Mpohor benefited from this rotational understanding.

The decision in itself was not bad, though it had some negative effects on the party in terms of leadership and performance.

A beneficial arrangement for any person must be justified through actions that also benefit constituents.

In the Mpohor constituency, lack of internal competition in the past also had a bad effect on leadership and development. Leadership took the people for granted. But times have changed, and the people are becoming more politically conscious.

From all indications, it is certain the story will be different this year as compared to 2015 when a parliamentary candidate stood for elections unopposed. A new candidate is emerging to compete, and that is good for our district and country.

The good news is that, writings and signs are now clearer than ever before, that there will be a keen competition in the upcoming Mpohor parliamentary primaries, and many reasons account for that.

This is why party activists are entreated to embrace this healthy competition as a means of improving leadership responsibilities. This is also the time to do away with self- centeredness to pave a way for the introduction of a new style of leadership. It cannot be business as usual.

The reality cannot be dismissed, that this seemingly good competition is bearing fruits in the constituency, especially in the area of jobs for the youth, accountability and development.

NPP cannot afford to fail this constituency, hence the call for a new leadership must be welcomed by all.

The Mpohor constituency must present a prudent candidate who is also development-oriented and relates to party people in a better way.

It is even becoming obvious, how some people will try to influence the process with goodies, but delegates are encouraged to be resolute and decide on who is the best fit to lead the elephant fraternity in the Mpohor constituency.

Choosing a competent parliamentary candidate to lead the Npp in the 2020 general election will be the first step to protecting and safeguarding the seat, and delegates must engage in the practical application of leadership benchmarks, rather than the rhetorics that have engulfed the district in recent times.

This is the time people with special interests will feed you with "sugar-coated words" just to sympathize with them without showing their accomplishments in the district.

Already, the sympathy tour had begun to find favour with delegates, which is a dangerous miscalculation, and must not be accepted. When accepted, it will sustain mediocrity and non-performance.

Differentiating between reality and rhetorics will help Mpohor Npp choose a true leader to lead the constituency, and the delegates should not disappoint because they have never disappointed in making the right choices. This upcoming competition is another test.

Did I hear people in the Mpohor constituency say change is underway?

Long live NPP in the Mpohor Constituency.
Long live Ghana.

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