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Opinions of Sunday, 2 December 2018

Columnist: Kwaku Bimpeh

NDC should never again be given the opportunity to form a government in Ghana

NDC Flagbearers NDC Flagbearers

The more I watch, read and listen to justifications of the effects political decisions by proponents of the past NDC government, the more it sounds like sitting on my mother’s lap listening to her talking about Anansi stories. I am more inclined to believe that yes indeed, the NDC was and is more about create, loot and share, as has been circulating in some media circles for a while now hyped by some of their very own.

In Ghana’s developmental journey, it’s fair to point out that the time has come for Ghana and Ghanaians to stop the culture political experimentation where one party is given the opportunity and then after 8 years then another takes over. Ghanaians have had the luxury of experiencing the effects of both the NDC and the NPP government’s policies and should by now have made a consolidated decision as to which of those two political parties must be given more time to be able to fully develop our homeland and great nation for posterity.

There has always been a strong correlation between weak economic performance and periods of (P) NDC government and hence aetiologically, the (P) NDC failed, delayed and dwarfed Ghana’s socio-economic development, for over the 30 years they were given the opportunity to rule and develop Ghana.

If you ask me, the NPP and the NPP government are far ahead by a mile. I base my decision purely on evidence from published reports and from discussions with leading public figures on what the situation was when the new NPP government took over power in 2017 and what it is now after 23 months in government.

An epistemological scan of the annual auditor general’s report on the public accounts of Ghana, reveals shocking ontological ‘’irregularities’’ (code name for stolen or missing money) that triggers feelings and emotions best evoked when watching the ‘scary movie sequel’ or seeing Freddy Kruegar in the ‘nightmare on elm street’.

In 2012, this ‘irregularity figure from the audit of the Ministries, Departments and other Agencies (MDAs) was at GHc 395,718,552.01 [approximately 396 million Ghana Cedis]. In 2013, the MDAs audit recorded total irregularities in monetary terms of GHc 477,708,455.81 [approximately 478 million Ghana cedis]. 56% were cash irregularities and 26% were contract irregularities according to the report. However, in 2016 the MDAs audit revealed a whopping GHc 2,165,542,375.14 [approximately 2.2 billion Ghana Cedis], of which 95% were cash irregularities.

The NDC government of the day neither paid attention to the rising trend in ‘irregularity’ amounts, nor tried to reduce this bill, and yet continued to borrow money including from the IMF and to the tune of 73% of our GDP? How can anyone accept this as making economic or financial sense? Intentionally turning a blind eye, and ignoring the sights, sounds and smells of corruption has not only set Ghana back in terms of its development, but has also contributed hugely to Ghana’s corruption position within the period, supporting the create, loot and share mantra for the NDC.

The above draws particular attention to the lack of leadership and lack of financial and economic competence by the economic management team of the previous administration. It also demonstrates a state of untold deterioration at these government institutions at the time, a substantive and an empirically proven reason why many nations fail.

It is eye wateringly shocking to say the least, to know that after the NDC had lost the general election on the 7th of December 2016, they went ahead to award contracts mostly on soul sourcing to the tune of a whopping GHc 2,000,000,000 [approximately 2 billion Ghana cedis], between the 8th of December 2016 and the 7th January 2017. Is the NDC truly a social Democrat Party with the interest of Ghanaians at heart? What is the justification for such a decision knowing very well that it will not be in government?

It is not surprising that state agencies like the great State Housing Company engineered by former President Nkrumah was almost on its knees collapsing. Best described as in ‘’coma’’ during the NDC era, in 8 years of the NDC government the State Housing Company built a pitiful 12 houses in Ghana, and was strangled with lots of debt to the brink of being sold, thank God no one was really interested. Upon assuming office the current team have quickly turned things around at SHC. In 22 months they have built 500 houses, paid most debt, and already in positive financial territory with plans to build over 1000 houses across the county in 2019.

The 2017 audit report indicates a reduction in the amount of ‘irregularities’ from the audit of the MDAs at GHc 892 million. In this regard I fully support our President, Nana Addo’s vision of computerising some departments and agencies if not all. This will reduce this huge ‘irregularity bill’. Huge savings have already been made at the Tema port, the procurement department and at the registrar’s general department. I also have 100% confidence of the benefits to Ghana and Ghanaians in the computerisation process at DVLA and at the passport office.

NDC? Never again! God bless our homeland Ghana.


Kwaku Bimpeh

NPP-UK Communications officer for Luton Chapter

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