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Politics of Friday, 29 November 2019


NDC’s silence on activities of Independent Western ‘Togolanders’ worrying – Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Private Legal Practitioner, Maurice Ampaw has challenged opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to break its long-held silence on the activities of the Western ‘Togolanders’ is worrying.

He wonders why an issue of national security concern emerging from an area which is considered as their electoral world bank is being ignored by the party that claims it is readying itself for the government.

To this end, he has challenged the NDC to make its stance on the matter clear rather keep quiet over an issue that directly and indirectly affects them considering what is actually going on.

“What is the opposition saying about the issue? I am expecting them to join hands with the government of the day. NDC is looking for power in 2020 and someone is coming to claim your land and you appear indifferent. I am expecting the NDC by this time to issue a statement because Volta Region is their stronghold”, he revealed on Kumasi-based Otec FM monitored by

Maurice Ampaw added “because of politics they have just decided to be quiet and refusing to meddle in the issue that concerns the security of the country”

Meanwhile, he has described the leader of the Homeland Study Group, Homeland Study Group, Charles Kormi Kudzordzi alias Papavi Hogbedetor as the reincarnate of the Satan himself who does not deserve to be shown mercy.

He avers that the man at the centre of the declaration of the Independence for Western Togoland is a dangerous character and should not be dealt with lightly.

To him, once he is arrested, the security agencies must ensure he remains behind bars and fed with only mashed kenkey and salt until the final determination of the matter by the courts.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw believes he is more dangerous than the suspected coupists yet has been given room to operate by the security agencies and government in view of his old age.

“People are sympathizing with him because of his old age but he is not to be toyed with. Do you know that there are some criminals who use children to operate? They train children to engage in burglary. Forget about age and remember the law is no respecter of persons. He very dangerous and conceiving an evil plot”, he said.

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