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Opinions of Sunday, 6 November 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

NDC let's stop this funfair rallies and walk into the trenches!.

I am opposed to this funfair campaign of rallies by many constituencies and regional campaign teams of the ndc except president John Dramani Mahama and his Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur. We only end up mostly meeting our own followers and preaching to them what they probably already know and have already decided to vote for. Dancing on the streets in the name of health walk is a great insult to the ndc grassroots supporters whose party is in power and those persons are experts in sleeping with an empty stomachs wondering where the next food would come from.

Lets stop these fake carnival health walks, fake rallies, cut cost and avoid all this canopies, chairs, etc, and walk into the trenches to campaign. Cost of canopies, chairs, public address Systems, etc, could be use to print campaign materials which is lacking in the villages,help to fuel the youth groups ready to go into the villages to gets the needed votes. Anyone pretending to be campaigning for the ndc,president Mahama in this canopies approach is wasting resources and duplicating efforts. Another time wasting and laughable campaign strategies is the use of wassup groups. I laugh sometimes when some people think,social media,wassup platforms or wassup groups and other public platforms win an election entirely. If you are a grassroot person,you would understand what l'm talking about. The purpose for it was to share ideas,information and the way forward but praised singers,bootlickers and egocentric persons has defeat the real purpose of it making the groups useless for unnecessary informations. Important personalities in this groups are quit because the young once among them who should have been learning from them turns to know more than them. If they venture to correct any wrong,the inexperience once try roasting them. They then adopt the silence means.

Sorry!!,but this bigwigs approach of spending and pretending to be campaigning should be looked at with clean mind. They are a lot of criminals parading themselves as die-hard party faithful holding everything meant for campaigning to their chest. Campaigning in regional capitals and district capitals cannot win an election because most of those voting are busy minding their daily bread in the hamlets who doesn't know what an economy is. They need to be talk to. In another way it's not bad for persons in position who had it in silver plater but first time campaigners because,most of those who used to sit in the comfort of their homes in Accra for other people to do the donkey work across the country for them to be in the offices enjoying without reasoning plait of the ordinary voters in the trenches are now crying of tiredness even in the comfort of their V8 cars in the regional and constituency campaigns trails. Some of the new entrants have even regretted of going into politics.

Any so called bigman or leading party figure who loves to see ndc win this election must stop or avoid any canopy, chairs, Public address System, etc, and go into the trenches to campaign one on one for the ndc. This mini rallies, etc should be a preserve for only two persons, president John Dramani Mahama and Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur. Not even the Chief of staff in my opinion. It's just waste of resources that should have been extended to more youth groups to work with. Most of our youth groups are just sitting at their various places harvesting in the name of campaigning for the ndc party. The constituency executives should make good use of them rather than running after their various mp's and president John Mahama. It's just a duplication of the President and Veep's effort when obviously your audience at such large functions are mostly party faithfuls who move from one big rally to another. We still have a lot to do,let those with sound mind,hear me!!.

Voter apathy will be a bigger challenge for the ndc and something serious need to be done to avoid it. Ndc as we stands now needs a unifying persons who would be on the ground going round bringing the aggrieved elderly party members who feel they are completely neglected on board like Kofi Adams did in the previous election. It's like the ndc doesn't have the eye to honour Hardwork persons in the party or a lot of people at the helm of affairs of the party in various levels lack the true leadership qualities. Some of the elders in the party are so relax that,they don't care wither ndc is in power or opposition. It's really sad!.

For me I don't care about happens I will make sure I work hard to maintain my party in power. I take this inspiration and experience from Kofi Adams in recent years which confirmed what Bob Marley once said "The stone that the builder rejects shall be the head of the corner stone". In the 2012 general election,just this same period,Kofi Adams came to northern region with his own resources to campaign,the regional executives were not ready to give him a platform to campaign,we manage,change the strategy and campaign and it work perfectly. On January 2013,Kofi Adams was disqualified to contest Buem. And this was what he said at that time "The Evil Ones in the party have decided to deny Buem Constituency to have me as their representative. I leave it to God...". We were not happy at that time but with patience and determination,who is Kofi Adams now my brother!!?,the ndc national organiser and president Mahama national campaign coordinator.

Also leave it to God like some of us and join the ndc campaign,our time will come insha Allah. I have learn and take inspiration from what happened to Kofi Adams and would never one way or other because of someone behavior or character turn against the ndc party. I will campaign for the ndc either I get something now or not,I know surely my time will come,insha Allah. Forget your situations,forget your troubles and let's us retire nana Addo and his Npp. Jm zantug!!.

Ibrahim Hardi,contact 0208235615,