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Politics of Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Source: Daniel Kaku

NDC closes down party office in Ellembelle over NPP's exposé

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The leadership of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ellembelle Constituency of the Western Region has shut down its constituency office at Aiyinasi over NPP's exposé.

The party's leadership took this bold decision after the party's Administrator, Dr. Orlando Kwafo has allowed an NPP Communicator in the area, Paul Attah Biah Nyanzu aka Mankind Ellembelle to have access to the office and used their local FM installed at the office to criticize the NDC's MP, Mr. Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah for doing nothing for the constituents.

The incident happened on Saturday morning, March 17, 2019.

After the incident on Saturday, the party's leadership asked Dr. Orlando Kwafo who was in charge of the activities of the office to go home and as a result, the office has been closed down.

On Saturday evening, the party through its Communications Department issued a statement to debunk incident.

The party's Communication Department said the NPP's Communicator was not allowed to enter the office.

The Department also said the party doesn't have any local FM installed at the office and the party didn't open its office on Saturday and also has not sacked its Administrator.

On Monday afternoon, this reporter went to the community (Aiyinasi) to verify the incident independently.

The reporter reported that the incident truly happened on Saturday morning where the Administrator at the NDC's party office allowed the NPP Communicator in the area to have access to the office for the first time without the knowledge of the leadership of the party.

When this reporter contacted the Administrator (Dr. Orlando Kwafo) he confirmed that he allowed the NPP Communicator to enter the office and gave him the microphone to talk about politics.

"You Mankind Ellembelle I gave you the platform to speak but you used it to do propaganda and I'm very disappointed in you and I will deal with you on Tuesday", he testified.

Before the Monday morning, the Constituency Chairman of the party, Mr. Alex Kwame Mahama popularly known as Acounty has said it on Hope FM in Jomoro Municipality that there is an installed local FM at the party's office but was not installed by the Constituency Executives but rather was installed by a certain group within the party in the 2016 campaign.

Some of the residents in the community told the reporter that the local FM installed at the party's office has been operating from Monday to Saturday since 2016 and they confirmed that no NPP member has been spoken on it and they even wondered why on that Saturday the NPP Communicator was allowed to speak on the local FM.

The reporter can confidently report that since the incident the Constituency party office has not opened for any activities.

The reporter tried to speak to the leadership of the party to explain why the party office has been closed down but the reporter found it very difficult to get any Executive to speak.

But the reporter was able to speak to the NPP's Communicator, Paul Attah Biah Nyanzu and he expressed his disappointment in the NDC's Communications Officer, Kwasi Hanson for saying the party did not opened its Constituency office on that Saturday.

"I'm very sad and disappointed in Ellembelle NDC Communications Officer, Mr. Kwasi Hanson claiming the party office at Aiyinasi was not opened on Saturday 16th March 2019", he said.

He added that "On record the NDC party has a local FM at Aiyinasi that operate from Monday to Saturday and even on Sundays and this Orlando happen to be the Administrator who works there day and night so Kwasi Hanson should go and come again".

He opined that "I'm challenging Kwasi Hanson, the NDC Ellembelle Communications Officer to do his checks well because being naive is a disease".

He explained that "I was called by Dr. Orlando to defend my party (NPP) regarding to Aiyinasi market women's concern for not having toilet facility in the market and before my defence, Dr. Orlando has started using the concern of the market women to do cheap politics and criticized the NPP government and he later gave me the microphone and I also started criticizing and exposing Hon. Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah for doing nothing for the good people of Ellembelle".

"When I was talking, Dr. Orlando left the office to private and I spent over one hour to expose Armah Kofi-Buah by educating the listeners on some projects which funded by then Ellembelle District Assembly of which he (Armah Kofi-Buah has written his name on it)".

The NPP Communicator said when he was speaking, some NDC members numbering seven stormed there and dragged him from the office.

"Unexpectedly, angry NDC members numbering seven stormed there and threatened to beat me but I rebuked at them not touch me else something terrible will happen to them and they became afraid and they took the keys from Dr Orlando and ask him to go and one of the angry NDC members took the microphone and hit it on floor and I quickly ran from the office for safety", he narrated.

The reporter filed this report with pictorial evidence of the NDC's Constituency Office in Ellembelle.