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General News of Saturday, 26 January 2019


NDC are incompetent even in opposition; my party is better - Kofi Akpaloo

Liberal Party of Ghana Founder, Kofi Akpaloo play videoLiberal Party of Ghana Founder, Kofi Akpaloo

Founder of the Liberal Party of Ghana, Kofi Akpaloo, has called out the National Democratic Congress for offering what he believes is incompetent opposition.

The LPG Founder maintained that even though his party is also in opposition like the NDC, they are doing much better in opposition by offering reasonable proposals to government.

He condemned the tendency of the NDC to comment on almost all issues even if it doesn't require rebuttal from them and advised them to think through what they say thoroughly before coming out to the public.

In his opinion, being in opposition goes beyond talking since no party is compelled to make a comment when it is not needed explaining that "It is not all about talking. Whatever you want to say you have to think about it before you come and say it".

Kofi Akpaloo discredited the NDC's posture and utterances on recent happenings in the country.

The NDC organised press conferences in the wake of the Menzgold saga bashing the government for sitting aloof until things went out of hands.

They also organised a press conference after the unfortunate killing of a member of Tiger Eye PI team lead by ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

The NDC in their press conference, alleged that government has not done enough to safeguard the security of the nation and accused the Police of deliberately refusing to arrest Kennedy Agyapong who they believed, exposed the deceased Ahmed Hussein-Suale to great harm and is a potential culprit of the crime.

However, rubbishing their claims, Kofi Akpaloo indicated that the comments and position of the NDC were not well thought through and they needed to do a deep introspection into how they are operating.

"If you come out to pass comments, think about it twice before you say something. You know, the press conference they did, what was the sense in that. They were in government when this guy started his operations, they couldn't stop him and they allowed the guy to build it for over three years and this new government comes and realise that if we allow this guy to continue it is going to destroy our financial sector so lets stop him and they did the right thing to stop the guy and you come out and you want to condemn someone who has stopped the guy. They need to be ashamed of themselves for sitting unconcerned for all these years," he remarked during an interview with Ghanaweb journalist.

The 2016 flagbearer aspirant of the LPG was taken aback by the attempts of the NDC to bash the government taking some decisive actions which in his estimation, should have been taken by them when they were in power some three years ago.

Lamenting about the NDC's constant pronouncements, he averred, "They have not giving opposition. They have just showing incompetence. People attacked you for being incompetent and it is true. An incompetent government sat down to allow this guy to start this operation and a competent one comes and says this is not the best for this country. And then instead of keeping to your shells, you came out to demonstrate your incompetence again. So the tag that they tagged them that they are incompetent. It is not about shouting."

He equated the NDC to his political party, Liberal Party of Ghana and wondered why the NDC would feel any more important or consider their views more appropriate.

Kofi Akpaloo questioned the rationale of the press conference suggesting that the NDC as an opposition party offered nothing to Ghanaians as an alternative to government's position.

"Look at the NDC, they are opposition just like we are. Everything they want to comment but sometimes their comments, you listen to it and realise what is it? Why are they saying this? Look at the Menzgold for instance, the Press conference they did, it was unnecessary. What was the sense in that press conference?" he quizzed.

Akufo-Addo has done well economically but performing poorly with security

On the performance of the government led by Akufo-Addo, Kofi Akpaloo lauded his performance economically, particularly for ending the IMF deal signed by the previous administration.

He opined that despite the IMF conditionalities, the government successfully managed to create space to implement their flagship, Free SHS policy, which has benefited thousands of people though he would have preferred it implemented in a different way.

The Cedi, he asserted, has also been stabilised and better managed than was done by the previous government and despite admitting that the depreciation continues to affect businesses he expressed satisfaction at the general management of the currency.

On the flip side, the LPG founder was not impressed with the security situation in the country.

He established that he, the President, needed to do more in that regard since the recent spate of Kidnappings and serial killings is getting worrying.

"To me as an accountant and a professional I will say they deserve some commendation but where they have not done much is the security. For the security of the country for that one, they have not done much. But for the economy, I think he has been able to stabilise the economy even the dollar they have able t stabilise the dollar rate for some time though they picked it from GHC4.30 it is now hovering around GHC4.95 to GHC5 which is good compared to the previous administration," he summerised.