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Diasporian News of Monday, 22 July 2013

Source: NDC Ohio

NDC Ohio Position on the recently held congress

NDC-OHIO, before the congress in Worcester had the opportunity to reason up and to warn the National Executives about their nefarious activities which they planned to unleash unto the whole organization. Unperturbed about such warnings went ahead to unleash their game plan in an amateurish manner that defies common sense, simple logic and rational reasoning.

Leaders who cannot stand on their past record or have nothing to show or cannot articulate their ideas for others to buy into and lack self-confidence are those who engage in dubious, crude, obnoxious activities to gain advantage over others in competition. What happened at Worcester is shameful and disgraceful and disservice to this august organization, and the perpetrators should bow their heads in shame. It is only the imbecile and those with puerile minds that will deny the act of fraud that was conceived by Professor Agyemin Boateng and his cabal even before the Congress.

NDC-OHIO at our emergency meeting held today Saturday 20, 2013 resolved that we disassociate ourselves from the gangster congress and the barbaric tactics that was employed at the congress to skew things in a certain way. The Ohio delegates had no iota of doubt that the congress was fraught with fraud, intimidation and not adhering to the by laws and rules of the organization.

In the light of what happened at the congress which need not be labored since it is well known to all, NDC- OHIO have resolved that we DO NOT , WILL NOT , CAN NOT, AND SHALL NOT RECONGNIZE any thing that came out of that congress. The leaders breached the last trust reposed in them to do what is right and to adhere to our bylaws and rules for the good of our party and to foster unity among us. They rather chose to do things that will satisfy their surrogates, whims and their parochial political interest. Their act has brought shame, disgrace, and dishonor to our party and has fueled the opposition party’s allegation that NDC is known for rigging elections at any level, which is not true by any stretch of imagination.

NDC-OHIO considers the fraud and intimidation perpetuated at the congress a brazen affront and direct anti-thesis to the core principles of our great party NDC. NDC – Ohio condemns such acts in no uncertain terms and will not condone such acts and call on other branches who feel betrayed to do so. When good people who can affect and effect change sit on the periphery, that is when such gargantuan fraud is natured and consumed.

NDC –OHIO is calling for an UGERNT NDC-USA Conference among the 12 branches to find a way forward. At such conference an interim executives would be put in place to come up with new bylaws and modalities for a new congress. In so far as NDC-Ohio is concerned NDC-USA is in limbo and there is the fierce urgency for us act.

That is the only way that we can salvage the dented image of NDC-USA and forge ahead as a group. LONG LIVE NDC, LONG LIVE NDC-USA!!


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