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NDC Dallas-Texas congratulates NDC USA
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Diasporian News of Monday, 22 July 2013

Source: NDC Dallas-Texas

NDC Dallas-Texas congratulates NDC USA

..on successful congress

The Chairperson of NDC Dallas TX, and current Women's Organizer of NDC U.S.A., Mrs. Janet Akweley Wilson, has on behalf of the NDC Dallas Texas congratulated the Chairman of NDC U.S.A., Nii Ashiboi Benjamin Armah, Vice Chairpersons of NDC USA Alhaji Abass Adamu aka (triple A), Mr. Osborne K. Sam, Mr. Ato Essel, Mr. Baafi and Mrs. Angela Yankah; Secretary of NDC USA - Mr. Charles Kpozo and all the newly elected executives of NDC U.S.A.

Speaking at a branch meeting to mark the first anniversary of the late President Mills death, Mrs. Janet Akweley Wilson charged the current leadership to work hard to unify the organization and bring on board all Akatamansonians in the U.S.A. She reminded all branches of NDC USA of the old yet wise adage," United We Stand, Divided We Fall". Mrs. Wilson charged the Chapter’ s new leadership to be mindful of the onerous task of leading NDC USA to the next level for the next four years – she promised that the Dallas branch will join other NDC USA branches in hitching our wagons to NDC USA make a positive impact on the mother party in Ghana.

Manye or queen mother, as she is affectionately called stated that, “Our Promise as incoming executives is that, together we shall rise up at dawn, work with all our hearts, all day, every day, until every solemn promise is fully realized.” The elaborate preparations that preceded the conference can be traced back to the past executives and we can’t progress without acknowledging their tremendous contributions to NDC USA. “To the past executives, I say Ayekoo”

Mrs. Wilson called out to all NDC USA members to communicate effectively and truthfully amongst each other. She bemoaned some of the utterances and opnions which have been published after the Worcester Congress as not go auguring well for us as a family. She stated that post elections grievances should be channeled to the appropriate quarters for redress. As a family, opinions and differences will come up, but how we communicate goes a long way to show maturity of the family member. “Please let’s get our facts straight, that is what a true Akatamansonian does”, Mrs. Wilson stated. Concerning invectives which have been thrown at the Dallas branch – the Chairwoman stated that the branch records show that NDC Dallas Texas branch has been in existence since the beginning of the year 2013 and dully registered since December 2012. Concerning publications which have described the Congress in Worcester, Massachusetts in a negative light, the Chairwoman stated that we live in a part of the world where the respect for the law is highly paramount, so in an instance where tension is envisaged inviting peace officers to ensure the security of all is not intimidation. She said, “We are under the microscope, so let’s be mindful of our pronouncements”. Mrs. Janet Akweley Wilson said NDC USA has the fullest support of NDC Dallas and is looking forward to work with every branch of the great NDC party in the USA and elsewhere to achieve a better Ghana for all to enjoy.

For more information about NDC Dallas Texas branch visit _www.ndcusacongress2013.com_ (http://www.ndcusacongress2013.com/) see under Dallas Texas page.

Signed by Mr. Efui Tamakloe, Secretary NDC Dallas Texas Branch.

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