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Opinions of Sunday, 22 March 2020

Columnist: Hesron Ateeson

My return to God after being an Atheist

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Once I was an Atheist.

Growing up as a kid, my mother took us to church every single Sunday. I loved being at church, it was fun and relaxing.

My beliefs went down the hill the moment I didn't achieve the grades I had prayed and longed for during B.E.C.E. It was at the moment I said to myself "God isn't real". I was so angry and PISSED! I dissed Him several times! I hated Him so much to the extent that I didn't go to church from 2005 - 2011.

I remembered I consulted a mallam over the theft of my MP3 during my final year(2008) in high school. Mallam charged me nothing. He promised me I was going to find the player on Sunday, at the same spot I put it. I woke up that faithful Sunday, saw the player and SCREAMED! The following day, during English Orals, I mysteriously got boils all over me. It went the following day like MAGIC. The following weeks were crucial. I got malaria 3 times! I still didn't believe in God. I so hated Him.

Fast forward to 2011, I lost my dad on 10th May 2011. I cried for several days. This weird thing happened to me. I had gained weight after SHS completion and was mostly indoors watching TV and gaming. One day, I was walking to buy food and something hit me. It was as if someone threw an invisible arrow at me. I felt sharp pains in my chest. I went to the hospital and was told I was too young to experience chest pains. I was tested. I did X-Ray and everything turned out just fine. I was still feeling the pain.

A week later, after the death of Dad, I always had rapid heartbeats at exactly 3:30 AM every day! I always dreamt about morgues and Cemeteries. I suffered this ordeal for 3 weeks.

One fine Saturday morning before I stepped out, I made tea but forgot to drink it because I was late. I locked my door, came back at 3 pm and saw tea spillage in front of my door. I was like "Ah. It poured". I entered my room and saw something that scared me. My cup was still full and still HOT like it was in the morning. It was scary. My dad loved tea!

It got to a point I started seeing numbers on top of some people. I said to myself "Too much imagination". I saw a certain woman, she had 77 on top of her head. I knew this woman because I bought things from her provision shop. 3 days later, saw an Orbituary. She died at the age of 77! Still doubted it. I called it "Coincidence" until I got seriously ill. Doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. I couldn't even walk to the kitchen without having rapid heartbeats. I was in isolation. I took a bunch of pills. It was crazy.

After visiting the hospital several times with no cure, mom took me to a Friday Miracle service. The Prophet called me. I was like "Ah...fake prophet. I guess mom told him about me". So I walked closer to him and this is what transpired in front of his congregation:

Prophet: This young man you see here is dead.

I said to myself "Lol he's crazy."

The prophet continued - He's dead spiritually but today, we will abolish that. He prayed for me and anointed my forward. I felt a burning sensation on my forward. I said to myself "Tcheeew. I guess the oil is giving that burning sensation because of the compounds present in it"

I woke up the following morning and felt GOOD! I mean I could run around the house! I could smell food! I felt like eating for hours! It was a miracle! I still doubted I was healed by God till I went to church with mom the next Friday to see the Prophet. He did deliver someone and I saw some funny creatures. I thought it was an imagination TILL he described it. It was the exact same thing I saw! It was scary!

That night, whiles peeing, I looked out of the window and saw this same creature outside looking at me! I had goosebumps! Every deliverance I attended, I saw creatures and they followed me home. On December 29th, 2011, ECG had done its best by putting off the light at 6PM. I was going out for fresh air till I saw a BAT pass through my door! The door was locked ooh! Chale, It was then that I gave my LIFE back to Christ!

I nearly died a couple of times and He saved me even though I stopped believing in him!

So today, if I see some Atheists bashing God, calling him unreal because the coronavirus keeps taking innocent lives...I laugh. To them, God is just fiction. I know this because I was one of them!

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