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Opinions of Friday, 24 July 2015

Columnist: Alhassan Y. Babalwaiz

My beef with Ghana Ambassador to Germany

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Her Excellency,

I was among those who celebrated your appointment as Ghana's Ambassador to Germany!

Growing up through High School days, your books imbibed in us a culture of reading--while you were practicing at The Weekly Spectator and The Ghanaian Times. Your work was recognized by the late president Atta Mills--who gave you a cabinet position. I am, and will forever remain proud of you and your service to mother Ghana!

However, when a person (like you) in such a position as Ghana's Chief Envoy to the Federal Republic of Germany--misses a chance to benefit from the vast experience of a strong ally of Ghana and Africa in Germany and Europe--much worse denigrate the person, then "it gets my goat...!!"

Folks who have been following my write-ups and postings--know that I usually steer clear of controversies--particularly of political nature.

But not this time. Not when it has to do with my "God-father" in the journalistic profession. My mentor--the one on whose kind watch I "cut my international journalistic teeth..." Mr. Musah Ibrahim Musah is the one I'm talking about! This colossus of an Editor has been practicing in Germany and main-land Europe for well over 30 years!

I'm yet to cross path with a highly-experienced, contented, kind, and humble Ghanaian veteran journalist like this man!

Months ago, Mr. Musah called me from Germany and bitterly complained about an embarrassing situation you subjected him to--during Ghana's independence day celebration. I was shocked!

Two weeks ago, I spoke to Mr. Musah druing which he informed me about his planned meeting with Hon. Mahama Ayariga, Minister of Environment Science and Technology, and I shared with him (Mr. Musah) the little I know about Ayariga, his sterling academic performance and his good works at the several ministries he served.

Then two days ago, Mr. Musah again called me and complained that your attitude towards him is now getting out of hand...!!

I understand you claimed that "He is not a!" Well, I don't begrudge your excellency for your ignorance of such a highly-resourced veteran who had left The Ghanaian Times---even before you considered pursuing a course in journalism!--A veteran whose trappings have touched (almost) every corridor of power in Germany and Europe: having consulted for WHO, the EU, the Pentagon, et al!

I blame your handlers at the Embassy, who know this fine gentleman, yet failed to introduce you to him or him to you--before your tour of duty started--a lot of embarrassing diplomatic blunders could have been averted!

Mr. Musah has collaborated with every Ghanaian Ambassador to Germany--even before Ghana was returned to civilian rule--In fact (while I was being trained by him over a decade ago), high-level diplomats at the Ghana Embassy in Berlin would often consult Mr. Musah on media-related issues in Europe, and give him a heads up whenever a president or high-level government officials were visiting.

He would travel with them on several investment tours--pro bono! He does the same for many African Embassies in Berlin too.

If Mr. Musah was interested in politics, he would have been Ghana's Ambassador to Germany decades ago--giving his huge experience and knowledge of the EU-Africa geo-political arena.

Your Excellency Ms. Ambassador, I actually planned to take this matter to his Excellency, President John Mahama personally--when he comes to the next UN General Assembly Meeting in New York in September, but if your handlers at the Embassy there in Berlin will apologize to Mr. Musah in writing, and officially introduce him to you, then I wouldn't have to complain to the President.

Finally, I advise that it will do a lot of good to the Embassy and country (Ghana) if you would get to know this man and seek to benefit from his huge experience...!

Have a great day, Ms. Ambassador!

Alhassan Y. Babalwaiz
A concerned Ghanaian
Alexandria, VA, USA

The Ghana Embassy
Berlin, Germany
Mr. Musah Ibrahim Musah

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