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General News of Sunday, 16 July 2017


My Regional Minister has gone into ‘hiding’ - Bugri Naabu

Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu claims his Regional Minister Salifu Saeed has gone into hiding and his whereabouts currently unknown.

According to him, the youth are on the heels of the Minister for discussions relating to some jobs but for weeks now are unsuccessful because the minister is said to have gone on Absence Without Leave (AWOL).

This is as a result of a foretaste of a seeming acrimonious relationship between the Minister, Salifu Saeed and the NPP Chairman which appears to be getting murkier over road contracts.

The two leaders of the ruling party in the already volatile region have been nursing acerbic relationship since the release of the Ministerial nominations by the President some six months ago, which the Regional Chairman according to our sources was highly against the choice of President Akufo-Addo as the political head of the region.

The Chairman is reportedly accusing the Minister of refusing to honour his invitation for an emergency meeting meant to discuss the contract details with him (Bugri Naabu) which has further heightened the tension between them.

Mr Bugri Naabu who is accusing the Minister and his Deputy of frustrating his efforts in the region, has warned that the region risk losing popularity of the two are allowed to continue staying in office.

“The youth are chasing the minister right now; that they don’t even know the minister’s whereabouts, as a regional minister the whole region doesn’t know where you are then how do you manage the place,” chairman ‘bulldozer’ asked.

“The Regional Minister and his deputy are making my work difficult, very very difficult. I have reported it to the President; not one letter, more than about three letters. The regional minister and his deputy, they are destroying all NPP good job, all the wining we won, if we don’t take time, coming next time we may lose most of the places we won. I have told the president if he doesn’t take action, I’m coming back to Accra after my work today. I’m not going to be doing a good job while some people are destroying it, and I have told the president to let him go and I don’t want to mince words.

“I told the president that these people the way they are in the region, they are destroying the region. For me if that is the case, I will come and with him in Accra, he will take action immediately”.