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General News of Saturday, 9 July 2011

Source: Pobee-Mensah, Tony

Mr. Rawlings, It's over, Get off the Stage

Someone ought to say this and I will. Mr. Rawlings, it's over. Get off the stage.

I have said it before and I will say it again. You have had over 20 years as head
of Ghana. What can you do for Ghana that you didn't get a chance to do in those 20
years? It is nothing but greed that keeps you hanging around.

I suspected that you were looking for a puppet in the castle so you could continue
your rule and that was why you worked so hard to help elect Mr. Mills. Now an
insider has confirmed that some of Mr. Mills' appointees were your "appointees".
Mr. Mills was elected by Ghanaians and he is responsible for his policies. You
cannot make policies behind the scenes and not be responsible for them. I will say
again that Mrs. Rawlings' government will be your government. You and She have had
over 20 years at the Castle what can you do for Ghana that you didn't get a chance
to do all those years? Leave the man alone and let him do his work.

During the unfortunate event of September 11, I read that you were going around
complaining that the Ghanaian embassy in Canada didn't carry you shoulder high and
worship you even though you were out on a private business for which I believe you
were paid. At that time, I read of former vice president of the United States, Mr.
Gore, getting stuck in Canada. He didn't seek for the US embassy in Canada to take
care of him. He rented a car and drove by himself from Canada to New York to visit
Mr. Clinton who told him that he, Mr. Clinton, was getting picked up in a helicopter
for an official business in Washington and offered Mr. Gore a ride to Washington
where Mr. Gore had a home. I would think Mr. Gore has a higher stature than you.

I only shook my head when I saw you in a group picture of AU delegates in Addis
Ababa. Your time is over. You are a private citizen just like any other Ghanaian.
You cannot bully Mr. Mills to spend the country's money so that you can tag along
just because you don't know when it's over. When AU had a summit in Equitorial
Guinea, I read that you went there too. For What? Your ego won't let you stay
home? Because maybe you think if you are not there telling them what to do, they
won't know what to do?

It's over Mr. Rawlings. Find something to do. You can do some farming or maybe
take up golf or take classes and learn some foreign languages. You will impress
people that way. By George, find something else to do. You won't get yourself all
worked up because they are not doing what the great mind is telling them to do.

You always have the option to take up arms and take over the government: something
that you are good at.



Tony Pobee-Mensah