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Religion of Thursday, 7 February 2008

Source: -THE SUN

Minister's Hatred Against Musama Church

Just a week after descending to the edge of the gutter for no reason to threaten Rev. Alexius Hubamoulda Jehu-Appiah of the Musama Church, Central regional Minister Ato Arthur is relentlessly pursuing a hate agenda against the Church. Last week, the Minister issued two-quick-fire threats to arrest both Rev. Alexius Jehu-Appiah and Elder Broni, and succeeded as far as where his ego could travel in a show of power-flexing, in front of some sanguine-faced women with funny, quantities of false hair on their heads.

But without a trace of playing the vindictive game, and in an unalloyed demonstration of obeying the Lord Jesus Christ?s admonition to the Church to respect authority, the Musama Church offered an Olive branch to build a bridge of peace.

The Church then sent emissaries from its headquarters at Mozano to the Minister at Cape Coast, in the hope of introducing new Akaboha MoknaJeeba Fiifi Jehu-Appiah to the President?s representative in the region.

However in a stern rebuff, Minister Arthur showcased what a terrible father he could be even as the President?s representative, when he sternly told the emissaries he was not interested.

Much more surprised than the day the mosquito off-loaded 1000 tons of cement from an articulator truck to a warehouse at Kantamanto, the emissaries chose to shut their wide-opened mouths, swallow some saliva, and eventually left the Regional Administration office in quick time, before the Minister could leave the security loose.

Having beaten a retreat to Mozano from that un-Ghanaian reception at Cape Coast, the perspiring emissaries narrated their ordeal to the Church?s executives who resolved that, if indeed Ato Arthur has closed the door to peace and reconciliation, then they will have no option than to turn the key. The Public Relations Officer of the Church Rev.

Alexius Jehu-Appiah told THE SUN that all Musama Church executives are amazed as to the strange conduct of Minister Arthur, and wondered if he has taken sides with the defrocked Akaboha III, Miritaiah Jonah Jehu-Appiah who has the penchant for losing Court battles anytime he fruitlessly attempts to beat a retreat onto the Akaboha seat.

It will be recalled that a constant stream of reports from girls and women over acts incompatible with Christian life leveled against the defrocked Akaboha, provided ammunition to the Executive of the Church to initiate his sack. Ever since then, the Musama Church has faced persecution in various forms. Even PEACE FESTIVALS, a yearly spiritual edifying exercise was maliciously clothed with negative propaganda on the air-waves, to the effect that utter chaos had cropped up when indeed nothing of the sort had happened. The Police then chose to sink their teeth in.

That aside, rogues from Takoradi in the Western region habitually terrorised Ministers of the cassock such as was visited on Reverend Ministers J.F.K. Mensah and Boamah, whose heads were cracked with missiles at the last show of roguery. Coupled with Minister Arthur?s show of open bias and threats of arrests, Musama Church is being driven to the abyss where it feels like a mother Kangaroo in the midst of pickpockets.

While the state, in the shape and form of Mr. Arthur continues to show its rough and bias side, the Takoradi bandits get away with violence when they assault the Church?s Ministers in a region that has the Ghana Police Service as protectors of life and property.

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