‘Massive’ extortion at Birth and Death Registry | General News 2018-02-08
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General News of Thursday, 8 February 2018

Source: atinkaonline.com

‘Massive’ extortion at Birth and Death Registry

Information gathered by Atinkaonline points to massive extortion at the Awutu -Senya East (Kasoa) branch of the Birth and Death Registry.

Our investigations established that, some officers at the Registry charge between GHC100 and GHC400 to process birth certificates for individuals instead of the official charge of GHC20.

The unscrupulous staff claim that the “express” fee of GHC400 falls within a period of one week while GHC250 is charged for a two-week processing period. CHC100 is the charge for one month’s processing period.

However, in an interview with the Principal Assistant Registrar at the Birth and Death Registry, Rev. Kingsley Asare Addo, he mentioned that the actual fee for a birth certificate is GHC20 for a processing period of 10 days.

Strangely, one Linda, who works at the Awutu Senya East Registry maintained that the GHC100 and GHC400 fees are authorized charges.

“If you want it quick then, you have to apply for the express but if not, you would have to wait for one month and even with that, it might not be ready as expected.

“Those who applied for the latest Ghana Immigration Service and Police recruitment, they all applied for the express and I can tell you, that is what saved them,” she defended vehemently.

The principal, however explained: “there is a mandatory penalty fee of GHC20, but you’d have to make other declarations of affidavit from the Commissioner of Oaths or from the courts”.

He further said although the registration varies from an existing registration and a new application, the registry does not have an express service as claimed by Linda, the official at Awutu Senya East.

According to him, there is no variation in the charges at various points across the country contrary to the practice at Awutu Senya.

“Our service has nothing like express and normal service; it is the same everywhere. If an individual goes into agreement with any official, that is their own arrangement, but even with that, I don’t know how that official will maneuver,” he said.

Further investigations at the Accra branch of the Registry also established that a fee of GHC70 is charged for a processing period of two weeks.