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General News of Wednesday, 26 May 2021


Martin Amidu is envious of Godfred Yeboah Dame – Adom-Otchere

Godfred Yeboah Dame and Martin Amidu Godfred Yeboah Dame and Martin Amidu

• Paul Adom-Otchere has said Martin Amidu is envious of Godfred Dame, the Attorney General

• He said the AG has been successful in the Supreme Court than Martin Amidu

• Adom-Otchere advised the former SP to enjoy his retirement because he is not relevant now

Paul Adom-Otchere, the host of Good Evening Ghana says the former Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu, is envious of Godfred Yeboah Dame, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

According to him, nobody cares about the reputation of Martin Amidu, of which he claims someone wants to damage it and he [Amidu] describing the Attorney General and Minister of Justice “as young and inexperienced Attorney General” proved his envy towards him.

“You were Attorney General for eleven months when you became Deputy Attorney General, you were 35-years-old [but Godfred Dame] has done more Supreme Court successes than you had, Martin Amidu; that’s what the record will tell you, we know your being twenty years at the Bar inexperience? if this is not jealousy, then what is it?” Adom-Otchere asked in the editorial segment of his bi-weekly show monitored by GhanaWeb.

He added, the former Attorney General has had his time to be a political appointee and has resigned, therefore, making some claims in his latest epistle will not add to the development of the country.

Martin Amidu, we are not interested in you. We wished you a peaceful retirement, sit at home and relax, don’t bring yourself in because we don’t need you; you have done your worst, you have gone, nobody is interested in you. NDC is not interested in you, NPP is not interested in you, the general public in Ghana had nothing to do with you…,” Adom-Otchere said.

“Don’t be envious of young people who are doing things that are going to leave a better legacy than you have done. All the kinds of things you are saying about Godfred Dame, Martin Amidu you shouldn’t be going there; a senior lawyer like you, you shouldn’t be doing that […] why are you envious of the young man? Why, Martian Amidu, what is the problem?” he quizzed further.

“We’re done with you [Martin Amidu], go away, sleep, relax, just chill and enjoy yourself. Watch DSTV, watch Champions League, watch Manchester United or Chelsea; that’s what you need to do now and don’t try to bring yourself into the public domain.”

Paul Adom-Otchere believes that the continuous epistles from the stateman will eventually make him lose the respect people have for him.

He indicated that Martin Amidu’s name-calling of the president did not change the public perception of voting to give him a resounding victory in the elections on December 7.

“December 7 you saw what happened; the people of Ghana massively voted for the man that you were calling names, the man who gave you an appointment, revived your career, you came and call him names […] hogwash, total hogwash, nobody minded you,” he stressed.

Adom-Otchere’s monologue was necessitated by an article Martin Amidu had written and published in the morning about some conversations surrounding “MPs double salary”.

In the said article, Amidu said some political actors are propagating some falsehood against his personality and integrity when his “resignation to the failure or refusal of this irredeemably corrupt Government for four whole years to deal with the simple offence of double salary or stealing (as the Criminal Investigations Department of the Police Service put it), are false, infantile and barefaced lies intentionally concocted and put out by the Office of the Attorney-General to the unsuspecting public under the sub-heading ‘Godfred Yeboah Dame’.

“The effigy of the Attorney-General published alongside the concocted falsehoods of me resigning without prosecuting a case which was never handled by my office during my tenure as the Special Prosecutor demonstrates how shamefully low the hitherto respected ethical Office of the Attorney-General which I had the privilege of serving in for over fourteen years of my career has descended into since 7th January 2021.”

Amidu continued: “Throughout my tenure as the Special Prosecutor, the respected former Attorney General, Ms. Gloria Akuffo, never referred this case to me for further investigation or prosecution. Any experienced and ethical person who has ever occupied the office of Deputy Minister of Justice under the Constitution knows that the Attorney General never sends a docket to another independent investigatory or prosecutorial agency without a covering letter forwarding the docket with requisite instructions or requests.

“Mr. Godfred Yeboah Dame, the young and inexperienced Attorney General should know now that he is the Attorney General that there are no records in his office or the Director of Public Prosecution’s office showing that the Attorney-General, Ms. Gloria Akuffo, old enough to be Mr. Dame’s mother, sent any docket on this case to me as Special Prosecutor to prosecute. No such letter was ever received by me when I was the Special Prosecutor, and no records exist in the Office of the Special Prosecutor of receipt of such a letter or docket from Ms. Gloria Akuffo.

“Mr. Godfred Yeboah Dame under whose name the Daily Guide Network reports and attributes the infantile lies that: “the Office of the Special Prosecutor which was headed by former Attorney General Martin A.B.K. Amidu, took over the case to do the prosecution but the process was not completed until he resigned late last year” ought to have developed the capability of asking the Director of Public Prosecutions as to the status of the case instead of linking to my resignation to a matter which never came under my watch just to assassinate my character.”