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Tabloid News of Tuesday, 25 October 2022


Married man destroys girlfriend's Range Rover after he allegedly caught her cheating

Olufunmilayo Ochuko Edo went crazy over his side chick at a night club in Nigeria, Lagos Olufunmilayo Ochuko Edo went crazy over his side chick at a night club in Nigeria, Lagos

A Nigerian married man identified as Olufunmilayo Ochuko Edo, caused a scene at a popular Lagos Night club when he destroyed a Range Rover belonging to his side-chick, Ifeyinwa after she allegedly cheated on him.

In a video making rounds on social media, Ochucho was captured in the company of security guards who restrained him from inflicting harm on his girlfriend and further ruining the vehicle.

According to reports, he was said to have traced Ifenyiwa to the nightclub upon a tip-off only to find out that she was in the company of another man.

Upon arrival at the scene, he decided to take revenge by damaging the exterior of her car and breaking its glasses and side mirrors.

Mr. Ochuko Edo was also heard yelling that he bought his girlfriend the car while labeling her a prostitute for cheating on him.

Ifenyiwa on the other hand went haywire, as it took the intervention of some guards to prevent her from doing the worst.

Chancing on the video on social media, many have expressed shock at seeing how a married man could publicly fight over another woman.

Others have lambasted the married man for shamelessly overreacting over a side-chick.

However, Ife has spoken on the entire incident;

“I never knew he would go this far as he saw me at W-bar lounge chilling yesterday and decided to destroy the car I bought with my hard-earned money. He was screaming on top of his voice that he bought the car for me which is a lie from the pit of hell. I bought the Range in May 2022, with some of the money I got from selling my Venza.

"This man has never bought even a bicycle for me. This is a clear case of mental derangement cause I never asked him to leave his wife and kids for me as he claimed in the viral video. I’ve gone further to ensure he’s detained at the lkoyi police.”

The married man has apologized for his behavior adding that he will work on seeking mental help.

Watch the video and post below:

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