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Politics of Sunday, 23 August 2020


Mahama’s call for debate a waste of time – Dan Botwe

Dan Botwe, Minister, Regional Reorganization and Development Dan Botwe, Minister, Regional Reorganization and Development

Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development, Dan Botwe has observed that leadership is not about brick and mortar but about ideas and programmes that can transform the lives of the ordinary people.

“This politics we are doing, this leadership we are talking about is not brick and mortar. It is about bringing things that were not there. It is about ideas, plans and programmes that will transform the lives of the people. And even not just this generation alone but the generation yet unborn. It is as simple as that.”

The Minister was speaking to‘s Komla Adom on the sidelines of the launch of the governing New Patriotic Party’s 2020 Manifesto, in response to the opposition National Democratic Congress’ claim of unprecedented infrastructure track record.

Mr Botwe insisted there is no basis for comparison as what his party has done is to introduce programmes that touch the core of human survival and wonders if the NDC was able to do so.

“That’s how come you see our manifesto “Transforming Ghana’,” he maintained.

“Compare our records under [former] President Kufour. He brought ideas and programmes that were not there. School Feeding Programme, LEAP, Free Maternity Care, Capitation Grant. These things were not there. And so I will repeat, it is not about brick and mortar. That’s the whole thing about leadership.”

According to him, following in the tradition of transforming Ghana, “President Akufo Addo comes in and says Free Senior High School and you will see what we will continue even on Free Senior High School at the launch of this manifesto”.

“Look at what we are doing with the railways and so many other programmes which are transforming the lives of the people. In any case, go round the schools and see the level of infrastructure, go and inquire about the Special Initiative and see the level of infrastructure. Come to my ministry which created the new six regions and see the infrastructure.

“And so clearly we are not talking about four years, four years but about transforming Ghana and the best party which has shown it can do it is the New Patriotic Party.”

Dan Botwe also stressed: “You were Vice President of the term of Professor Atta Mills. And now you are comparing your records at the end of the eight years to our three and half years. It’s so interesting that the NDC are desperately comparing records.”

Call for debate

The Minister insisted that former President Mahama’s call for a debate with President Akufo-Addo is not necessary.

“What will be the essence of the debate. The debate is going to happen in December 7. The debate is happening in the lives of the people. In fact the debate happens everyday. So in my own opinion it’s a waste of time.”