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Photo Page of Friday, 28 February 2014

Source: Nii-Ashitei Ashitey

MARTYRS of X'borg Crossrodas: Sgt. Adjetey, Cpl. Lamptey & Cpl. Attipoe

In remembrance of the Late Sgt. Adjetey and other martyrs killed cold-bloodedly by a British Police Officer serving in the then Gold Cost Police Force at X?Borg cross Road on 28th February 1948.

These harmless peaceful demonstrators & citizens of Gold Coast were on their way to hand in a petition on behalf of the Gold Coast Ex-Servicemen to the British Governor at the seat of power at the Christian Borg Castle.

Their death and looting of European owned stores/shops that follows throughout the whole country caused the British Government in Westminster to set up the Watson Commission which paved the way for constitutional changes leading to Ghana?s Independence.

One notable contributor also to Ghana?s Political awareness at the time was the Late Nii Koblah Bonne of Osu Alata (Osu Alata Mantse; Boycott-Hene), who organised the boycott of European goods.

It?s a big shame that previous Governments and present Government of Ghana have not found it necessary to honour these gallant heroes in the struggle for the Gold Coast Independence form the Imperialist.

It is about time the Government of the day or the next Government of Ghana should as a commemorative honour declare 28th February each year as a PUBLIC & NATIONAL HOLIDAY, for these heroic sons of Ghana also for their images to appear on Ghana currencies and postage stamps. We will always remember them.