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Opinions of Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Columnist: Ablordeppey, Samuel

Let's be patient with the Mahama government

It is true that a cross section of Ghanaians are not excited at all with the state of the energy and water situation in the country, especially energy.

Of a truth the once stable supply of electricity had deteriorated to its barest minimum encouraging the citizenry to be at psychological war with government.

The President John Dramani Mahama and his cabinet are equally not enthused with the situation but the voices of the masses point to one direction "fix the problem."

In as much as I share in the excruciating pain of the needles reason to sleep in darkness, the people must come to terms that it would take a while for the problem to be fixed. Government has shown zest and zeal to deal with the situation but technology and other reasons are sometimes unavoidable

The " Dumsor Dumsor " has become a pain in the presidents neck as he goes though sleepless nights over the situation.

The president has shown good faith by explaining to Ghanaians what the real issues were with the energy situation.

A high place source said "the president shares in the pain of the people especially in these challenging periods. In fact he is doing everything possible to restore the situation. After all no one wants to sleep in darkness,"the source said.

I have had the occasion to hear people use all kind of adjectives and unprintable words to describe the number one gentleman of the land, all because they need light.

It is true people are expressing their frustrations but in a rather partisan manner. I wish we appreciated the efforts of the president in eventually stabilizing the situation perpetually. To walk the talk President Mahama's government is almost done with the Atuabo Gas which when it comes on stream would exponentially help in solving the energy crises.

Another source from the energy and petroleum ministry said "hmmm this case would surely be over because a lot of investment and energy had gone into it. I just pray it comes on stream rather too quickly to end this "monster" of a situation.

It is important as we criticize to also appreciate government effort not to only address the energy situation permanently but pursuing other programs and policies to make life bearable for all.

If insults were grenades by now the seat of government would have be in "shambles."

We are all feeling the pinch of the "pandemic" and no government would rejoice over such a situation yet he is being vilified, abused, insulted, attacked et al but to what end?

It is time for brainstorming and not brain teasing. What could we all offer? Be it the Opposition parties including the New Patriotic Party (NPP), People's National Convention (PNC) and the Convention People's Party (CPP) to finding a lasting solution to the problem A-politically.

I believe there are quite a number of things we can achieve if we unite behind policies that would bring development and progress than to always be negative just to score political points is wrong and we must shy away from it.

The energy and water crises aren't palatable but not a hopeless situation. It would certainly be over pretty soon and the good people of Ghana would once again go about their duties with smiles at the right side of their mouths.

It is imperative as a people to be patient with the president as he tirelessly finds the ante dote to the current unfriendly situation.

President Mahama is not blotting his copy book with the power and water situation, let's badger him and his government constructively. It's time to offer solutions and not politicized the matter.

President Mahama and his government are breaking their back to fulfill its 2012 electoral campaign promises.

I urge the president to be stoical in the face of these challenges and take the right decisions, if it means cracking the whip to actualize the promise, so be it.

What Ghanaians are asking for is legitimate, stability in the economy, energy and water delivery and they won't hesitate to "walk" with you again in times of need.

Story by: Samuel Ablordeppey