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General News of Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Source: The Informer

Kwesi Twum Begs Metro

To Stop Replay Of Explosive Revelations About His Unholy NPP Alliance!!!!

Intelligence Desk Report

He does not carry a mobile phone; he is bespectacled; he wears a smile; he speaks softly; you may be deceived to believe that he is the first born of Jesus Christ; but in reality, he is an innocent-faced, but a wicked “snake under grass”.

Kwesi Twum, the CEO of the Multimedia Group, owners of, Asempa FM, Joy FM, Multi TV etc, has been exposed as a very wicked man, thrust deep, into the pocket of Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey, Nana Akufo-Addo, and the Narcotics Peddlers Party (NPP).
With the tacit support of his lackey, Ekyi Quarm, also known to be on payroll of Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey and the NPP, Kwesi Twum has been shamelessly doing the bidding of his political paymasters.

On the orders of his paymasters, however, Twum did the unthinkable, and wickedly dismissed one of his star performers, Nana Kwabena Bobbie Ansah, against all aspects of Ghana’s labour law.

Mr. Twum could not be bothered that Bobbie Ansah was the one who brought Asempa FM from obscurity to the limelight; he had been given orders by his paymasters to dismiss the young man, and so Kwesi Twum did what he was instructed to do.
For a fact, Kwesi Twum wickedly dismissed Kwabena Bobbie Ansah, because, the latter refuses to allow wee-choked and cocaine-filled NPP goons to rain insults on His Excellency President John Evans Atta Mills.
In other words, Bobbie was dismissed because he will not allow Jake and Akufo-Addo’s militants and warlords to defile his Ekoo Sii Sen programme by using unprintable words to describe the President of the Republic of Ghana.
Having just signed a new long-term contract with Multimedia, never in his wildest dream did Kwabena Bobbie Ansah think, he could be given such a raw deal for sticking to the ethics of broadcasting.
This wicked attitude of Mr. Kwesi Twum and his NPP paymasters came to light, when Kwabena Bobbie Ansah appeared on Kwaku Sintim Misa - KSM’s ‘Thank God Its Friday (TGIF)’ programme last Friday, and exposed the inner-workings of the Multimedia, as well as the inner-self of Kwesi Twum, Ekyi Quarm, Sammy Yirenkyi, and the scores of NPP apparatchiks working within the Multimedia Group.
Having been hit hard with the explosive revelations from Kwabena Bobbie Ansah, Kwesi Twum has been running all over the place looking for shelter; but cannot find any.
Indeed, not wanting the explosive revelations to be repeated on Metro TV, Kwesi Twum did everything possible to prevent the replay of the interview last Sunday.
The Informer is reporting on authority that Kwesi Twum called Metro TV’s Haruna Alhassan, to beg him not to allow the station to replay the explosive Bobbie interview.
As a member of the NPP, Haruna Alhassan also had no other option, than to issue a FATWA, ordering the stop of the replay of Bobbie’s interview with KSM.
So, for the first time in the life of TGIF, there was no repeat play.
Metro insider sources have it that, there was a lot of heated debate when Alhassan Haruna issued the FATWA, but at the end of the day, Haruna had his way.
Unfortunately for Kwesi Twum, his stoppage of the repeat play of Bobbie’s explosive revelations could not stop the rest of the world from knowing that he is on the payroll of the Jake, Akufo-Addo, and the NPP.
Indeed, now that it is trite knowledge that Kwesi Twum is a bona fide member of the Narcotics Peddlers Party, it is not surprising that, drug baron-cum-warlord, Kennedy Agyapong, was bold enough to allege that Kwesi Twum is also neck-deep in the narcotics trade.
Interestingly, it was on Kwesi Twum’s Multimedia network that Kennedy Agyapong alleged that Kwesi Twum was also a drug dealer.
For those who do not know, one of Joy FM’s recent recruits, Jefferson Ato Kwamena Sackey, who anchors the Midday News, is a dyed-in-the-wool NPP boy, who was the publicist of Akufo-Addo during the 2008 electioneering campaign.
Jefferson Sackey has been recruited in this election year, to support Akufo-Addo’s agenda within the Multimedia; that is the stinking extent to which Kwesi Twum has buried his head deep inside the backside of the drowning elephant.