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Diasporia News of Friday, 28 December 2012


Kwahuman Europe Foundation Raises Funds For....

... The Purchase Of 2 Ambulances

The Christmas festivity was held over the weekend of the 22nd December 2012 by members of the Kwahuman Europe Foundation ,dubbed “White Azonto Christmas” Party in Switzerland-Zürich.
The Event organized by Kwahuman Association of Switzerland, in collaboration with the Kwahuman Europe Foundation, took place at the Gemelnschaftszentrum on Helen Keller-Strasse, Zürich Schwamendingen. In attendance were Kwahuman Associations from Den-Haag, France, Italy, and Switzerland, the host Association.
Opening the Event and welcoming members and guests, the President of the Foundation, Dr Abena Keller –Agyepong was thankful to all members who have supported her as well as the working committee, to bring the foundation this far. She said the Kwahu Traditional Area lagged behind in development and this was the time for each one of us to contribute to the well being of the area. According to her, a journey of a thousand miles always begins with a step and called on member Associations to do the best they can to help the Foundation achieve it’s objectives in helping Kwahuman and Ghana as a whole The purpose of this event was to raise funds towards the purchase of two ambulances for the Kwahu Traditional Area, an appeal made by the Chief Medical Officer of the Kwahu Government Hospital in Atibie. The Ambulance donated 6 years ago by the Kwahuman Association in Switzerland, is the only one currently serving the entire Kwahu traditional area, and is currently not in an optimal condition. The two ambulances will be donated by the President of the Foundation in January of 2013 to the Kwahu Government Hospital ,Atibie and the Kwahu District Health Centre in Abetifi .
Speaking on behalf of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, Nana Kwaku Adjei, Preasident of Kwahuman Association Paris, France, assured the President of their full support, and called on all Kwahu citizens in the Diaspora to fully stand behind the goals and objectives of the Foundation
The colourful, Event was crowned with an “Azonto” dance competition for the youth and an Acrobatic display from a group based in Italy. The next Event is anticipated to be hosted in Den-Haag. A definite date will be communicated to all. A DVD of the event will soon be ready for purchase, with proceeds going towards developmental programs.
Below is an appeal made to Kwahuman Europe Foundation opened to all Kwahuman Associations, Home and Abroad
Kwahu Government Hospital would be most appreciative if you could come to its aid by helping it to upgrade or renovate some of its infrastructural facilities in order to promote quality patient care and service delivery.
This request has become necessary in order to reverse the deplorable and deteriorating condition of some of the main infrastructure in the hospital, and put the hospital in a strategic position to accelerate the provision of essential quality health care services to the people of Kwahu and beyond.
The Kwahu Government Hospital, Atibie is one of few District Hospitals in Ghana with a well planned infrastructural design and layout, which gives the hospital a natural beauty.
However, since the hospital establishment in 1954, most of the main hospital infrastructure has seen little or no renovation. The result has been a well planned hospital with very old and dilapidated buildings, which does not provide conditions for effective service delivery.
The areas of possible collaboration are many, but the priority areas of attention for which assistance is urgently required now is in the painting of the main hospital buildings, especially the wards, the expansion of the current Medical Superintendent of the Kwahu Government OPD structure to accommodate the increasing numbers of OPD clients, and the extension of the current THEATRE BLOCK b to provide additional facilities to enhance quality surgical care services.
The full costs and budget towards the supply and provision of these works are at the moment not clearly determined. This is partly due to the fact that the full costs of the projects cannot be met from the hospital’ recurrent Internally Generated Fund (IGF) budget and external funding will be required as a matter of necessity. The costs can however be easily determined when potential sponsors express interest in the project and discussions are initiated on funding. These preliminary expenses on the preparation of bills of quantities and other consultancy fees would be borne by the hospital. As a demonstration of its commitment towards the realization of these projects, the hospital is prepared to provide counterpart funding to the projects, by way of the provision of land, labour, part-furnishing and training. The hospital is also prepared to discuss other terms and conditions with potential benefactors in the spirit of a win-win framework that ensures that the procurement and provision of these essential facilities inures to the mutual benefit of both the hospital and its benefactors.
In anticipation of your kind response, I remain yours sincerely. DR. SAMUEL KWAME BUABENG-FRIMPONG (AG. MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT)
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